There is no way to get to peace through the Maia

“You just can’t. One has to be brought to juxtaposition – to see that you play two roles, live a duality, and have two separate lives in one.

We live out the mechanical life, and have no choice in that whatsoever. The field of light gives the impression that there is nothing but choice – everything in the Maia is about choice, all these choices.

Just because you know this and live your strategy, you don’t escape the Maia, but live in it seamlessly, because when you then understand the mechanics of the Maia, it becomes seamless. Then you can have the other side of the juxtaposition by being aware of your helplessness. Wait for what you need to come to you, despite what the mirror shows.

Then you get to live out both sides. We are two-faced beings and are always in these two different realms at the same time.

You don’t need to struggle in the light.

You’ll never find reassurance there.

You can only get that from the mechanical side.” – Ra Uru Hu



The Slave Goddess

Yin-Yin-Yin-Yin Gates: 2-The Direction of the Self, 23-Assimilation 8-Contribution, 20-The Now
The feminine principle, beginning with the ultimate direction—coming out of the womb into form.
Maia is one of the civilizing gods, bestowing bounty and the qualities of civilization itself. The distortion is a false sense that money and personal power are the key to all. Women need to be empowered and educated, because the direction of civilization lies with the female.
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