MoonBlog 39.2 Confrontation

Goodbye Richard Rudd.

I have enjoyed and loved the GeneKeys, and the many people I met through it, and both the book as well as the Golden Path sequencing are a treasure to be had for many seekers of being yourself. Those who seek to understand themselves, and the GeneKeys as I met them provides a view to look at ourselves quite beyond any other. Giving clues to some of our own personal behaviour, our mental hooks and triggers, as well as some of our behaviour in groups or society at large. The individual and the Collective.

But something has been nagging me for a little while now, and I’ve noticed it before when Richard was still in Human Design too, which is that some things are his personal journey, and they are 100% valid in his personal journey, I can not possibly say otherwise. Well yes, I could say it, but it would not be more or less true if I would. But what is nagging is that some of this personal journey is being sold, and I mean this in both a show and tell kind of ego presentation as well as actually exchanging information for monies, sold as if it were transferable and applicable to all people.

I’ve started noticing it in his ‘Seven Years On the Wheel of Passage’, which still today is being gifted as a free Human Design tool. A tool thus that one could use for their own process, their own journey, by calling it a formula. But what many people fail to recognize, whether in Human Design or in the GeneKeys, this is -his- formula, you are being distracted from finding your own by following his formula, or anyone’s formula ! Because listen carefully: there is no one formula. There is not even a formula for -you-. There is nothing to repeat, or do similarly, not even for him, or for me.

The 4/6 profile that Richard has is a potent one, I have it too and can attest that my life, my stories of my life, my insights, my ponderings and the inevitable sharing about all of these are magnetic at least, mesmerizing to some, but… they are only mine, only individually for me to experience and for me to share, about. But not for anyone to do too, or seek to do too, or even seek to go through fucking reading it all.

That is a deep deep distraction, however entertaining and marvelous, not -me-, or you, It is reliving someone else’s life in the assumption and illusion of trying to live your own. As if doing as I do, helps you live your life as yourself, no. It can not.


And by now, every fart of Richard is sold as a new fragrance, a new perfume, to make you more beautiful or healthier, or this or that.

I say: no, I say: fuck bastards no way !

Synarchy my ass, it is the Richard and minions show, those that are in, or feel in, pretend to be in, behave as if they are in. Fake, bullshit, nonsensical act on a rigged stage, there is nothing to be in with, just as that there is nothing to be out of/with. And some day, Richard will have another brain-fart and closes this curtain, this show, this enterprise, and be on his delightful way, onto new pastures, new discoveries, and after a while with new stories, new formulas, new minions and a new show all together. Which is all great and awesome, but not transferable to anyone else.

No way buddy, I do enjoy you, but this is not my way, nor can I continue to support or endorse it.

However I will say this, reading the book, getting through the Golden Path program is marvelous, thoroughly enjoyable, to see it from Richards eye and experience, it has opened many new views for me, seeing things in many different ways that I could not have perceived possible. Wonderful enjoyable stuff, but anything else, no, hell no.

Be well and live your life, as yourself, don’t read all this or anyone else’s crap 😉

addendum: I have the strong impression that the GeneKeys are evolving to becoming a religious (Christian) cult

MoonBlog 39.2

Gate 39 of the provocateur, obstruction.
The value of obstruction in provoking analysis, assessment and reevaluation

Gate 39 Line 2 Confrontation
Exalted: The instinctual and direct assault of obstacles. The energy to provoke through direct assault.
Detriment: The principle of preservation that tempts one to go around an obstacle that should be tackled head-on. An emotional discomfort when direct assault is essential.