Reading this book is a treat

“The Line Companion is an extensive commentary on the Gates and Lines as listed in the Complete Rave I’ching. In this commentary, Ra describes each Gate and Line in much more depth and detail. All quotes from the Complete Rave I’Ching are color coated for easy reference. Appendex includes 16 pages of relevant information (Hexagram Line structure, outer planet transits, Sun/Earth Line Fixations…).”

“An edited transcription of each of the 384 Lines of the Rave I’Ching. This is an essential resource for any student of Human Design. If you own a copy of the Rave I’Ching, this volume will help to explain every Line and its variations with both insight and humour.”

To read this book every day over the course of a year as the Sun transited the Gates was very insightful and entertaining