Conditioning is not the Enemy


Remember something about the nature of conditioning: Conditioning is not the enemy. Conditioning is not bad, conditioning is not to be eliminated, conditioning is everything. It is what we call life. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s just about not being identified with what is conditioning in your life, but it is not about not experiencing it or taking advantage of it.

Think about the Generator that through the 20 transit suddenly becomes a Manifestor. Now it doesn’t mean that they can act like a Manifestor, but it does mean that when somebody asks them for their response, that when they respond they can work like a Manifestor. In other words, they can really jump in at the manifesting level and they can take advantage of that.

It’s not about eliminating conditioning, it’s about eliminating the ignorance of the conditioning. You see, any center that is open in you is your opportunity for wisdom. This is your opportunity through that filtering process that once you stop identifying with what’s moving through you, you can take advantage of what’s moving through you.

I only have one motor. Now, I have the will power to teach every day and to work, but if I didn’t have access to all of your adrenaline, it wouldn’t be possible. I don’t allow your adrenaline to condition me because I can feel it moving through my body. I take advantage of it in order to be able to keep myself from getting exhausted, I exhaust you instead. But because there’s so many of you, I don’t overwhelm any individual with exhaustion. I just take from the adrenaline aura. It’s not about saying, “No, no, no, no. I don’t want to have anything to do with you conditioning my Root Center. I’m going to back up 200 yards, sit in a glass booth, and speak to you through a microphone.” Then I drop dead from exhaustion.

So it’s very important to see that because of the way we learn Human Design, and it’s the way we have to learn the Human Design, at first the conditioning is truly the enemy because this is what happens to us. We get this revelation of “Oh my God, this is what has happened to me and they did that to me or it did that to me.”

Like you, I went through the same process. I went through the process of my great distaste for being controlled through those open centers of mine. And that sense in me, given that I have three gate of aloneness, to say, “Well, the hell with all of them, I’m just going to stay out of the aura.” But of course you can’t; you can’t. Not only can you not because you cannot avoid the program, but you can’t because it’s life. It’s no fun without all that stuff no matter how you’re defined or undefined. It’s part of what we’re here for.

So don’t turn conditioning into an enemy and don’t think that because you are being conditioned in one way or another that your Type has changed, for example, that that’s something for you not to use and not to fall into. It’s not true. If you’re entering in according to your Type, you can take advantage of any transit. I mean that’s what it’s there for. I took advantage for seven years of Pluto dominating my Sacral. Now, it was exhausting as hell but, I did not resist that. What am I going to do against Pluto? I did not resist that.

~ Ra Uru Hu
Source: Ra’s Words of Wisdom