Ra’s Words of Wisdom – The Reflector

“When it comes to Reflectors, they’re something quite different after all. They really are. Not just that they are a large minority, but they are different with a very different cycle, a lunar cycle. But the most important thing for a Reflector is to understand its relationship to the program. And you can see thematically in non-energy Types that living their Design actually means studying in many ways, being educated in their Design. Whereas living the Design for the energy Types is something that is there to be leapt into instantaneously and immediately, because it’s possible.

There is a different way in which the process works. You know the story of the tortoise and the hare, because it’s one of those cute stories. You have what appears to be the energy Types racing ahead, racing into living out their Design. But in fact, we’re all on a seven-year cycle. And though it looks like the energy Types race ahead in the end everybody gets there at the same time, it’s a seven-year cycle.

The entering in for the Projector is a different process, that’s all, or for the Reflector, a different process, a different way in which they need to enter into living their Design, which means not so much living their Design, but being focused on understanding, knowing, making sense of Design in others. And for the Reflector, to understand the deep impact of the program, of the planets, specially of the moon, of the way in which they are conditioned by the general programming field and how they have a special gift of connecting to it and to be able to see their life lived in the harmony of their relationship to the turning of the wheel.

But everything having to do with the legitimacy of involvement in this knowledge is just simply living it. And whether that means the active principle that is there in the energy Type, or the passive principle that is there in the non-energy Types, it is the same thing. It is about the commitment to the process. This is what brings transformation and it brings something much more important. That is, I have a number of goals as a teacher. One of them is to take the burden off of the shoulders of those beings who meet this knowledge because I think at the very simplest level, at the very rudimentary level of understanding your Design, it already helps you release yourself from so many burdens you have carried. And it’s a great service that it does.

At the next level is the potential of those who enter into the experiment and stay with it. And there are those who enter into the experiment and stay with it and end up studying Human Design. The thing that’s important is being involved in the process. That’s what’s important. That is what this is all about. The highest goal here is awareness. Awareness means the shedding of conditioning. You cannot be aware as long as you are a conditioned being. You cannot be aware if your mind is not-self. And awareness begins with very, very specific kinds of perceptions, perceptions that cut through the maia, perceptions that cut through the projection expectation identification fields. It’s what happens to you when you first learn mechanics and you look at a bodygraph and you seem to have a sense of it. You’re cutting through one of the layers of the maia. And in cutting through that you begin to open up your eyes to what is there and what you are and what the potential of it can be.

As you enter into the knowledge base, slowly the possible is there for you to become aware, not simply of yourself, but aware of the other, aware of your circumstances, aware of the conditions, aware of the environment that you are in. And you cannot be aware if your mind is preoccupied with the nonsense, absurdities, banalities and sufferings of the not-self life. You can’t. There is no awareness when the not-self mind is at work. It’s not possible. There are only agendas, only agendas rooted in the openness, rooted in whatever the trip is that’s built into the way in which a being is conditioned. To live your Design is to save yourself from the horror of the not-self. And the thing that is so horrifying about the not-self is that it is so homogenized that you don’t really have an understanding about how bad it is and how far away you are from the potential of what you can be.” – Ra Uru Hu

Source: http://ihumandesignschool.com/wp/the-reflector/