To Magnetize or Demagnetize?

The Magnetizer/Demagnetizer is a useful tool that helps mechanics, electricians, and hobbyists to alternatively have magnetized or demagnetized tools. It’s important that electricians have demagnetized tools so that their tools do not magnetically attract to anything as they work on small hardware. Similarly, mechanics may need magnetized tools to attract screws and other fasteners. Rather than buying pre-magnetized tools at the hardware store, they can use this helpful magnet to magnetize or demagnetize any small steel tool already on-hand!

Simply run the tool through the “magnetize” side (open rectangle) and the steel tool will carry a temporary magnetism, allowing it to easily pick up and hang on to small screws and nails. The magnetism is not permanent and will eventually wear off, even without running it through the “demagnetize” side. This is because the steel is exposed to a magnetic field, which temporarily aligns the electrons, causing it to be magnetized. Eventually, the electrons will resume their original position.

It is sometimes necessary to switch between magnetized and demagnetized, which is where the other side of the tool comes in. Run the magnetized tool through the “demagnetize” side (indented opening) to quickly remove any magnetism. Running the magnetized tool through this end allows the previously aligned electrons to become interrupted, thus removing the magnetism.

The ease with which this product can be used lends to its appeal across multiple industries. In conjunction with its portability and functionality, it is decorated with a full color domed decal on either side. The product itself is magnetic and therefore can be placed on a toolbox, filing cabinet, or other ferrous surfaces.

The science behind magnetism is contained in this compact tool!

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