All aboard

Here I am

living my life

Just, living it. Even if my former self, or the former shard of what I was, or how I behaved, would like my life to be much more saint-like, or worshippable. (ah vanity and pride)
Which actually is more and more true too, if you let go of what that should look like.
Hmm aaaaah, the paradox of all this bullshit… 🙂

I make myself smile every now and then, all this nonsense, all these concepts, like the high pitched sounds of beating tuning forks too hard on crystals I hear them shatter one by one, as I come more and more un-done, and relish in it, enjoy observing myself in it.

Will I retract from life as I’ve known it more and more, while at the same time diving and expanding -into- life as I’ve not known it more and more, deeper and deeper, more glorious then ever.

I can feel my light inside growing in its glowing, with every daring step I take, however planned and solid I still try to be/have/make it.

Feeling drawn to the warm fluid like embrace I sense, so I need my swim trunks, and perhaps some flippers on my feet. Stepping outside of and away from the icy-cold refrigiratored life of old.

Where is my sun-tan lotion anyways?

Distractions flow and flush, in and out, bobbing heads in the distance call out, but I need to flush-flow somewhere else apparently, happy to see/hear you all though.

Much love to all.