The inner judge reigns supreme (time is of the essence)

waking up 2 hours early in the morning triggers many foul words as we adhere to the figures on the clock.

-How could I wake up so early, I could have slept xx time more!

-What is wrong (with me)?

-Is it because (fill in any argument)?

While we fail to ask: am I actually still tired? Did I (subconsciously) wake myself up, because of some kind of stress or out of joy for the new day and the appointments I made?

What if you’d jump out of bed right now, and go about your day, 2 hours early,

without bitching and complaining…

What would life be like, if you’d follow what happens, if you’d surrender to the flow?

Maybe take these 2 extra hours for some quiet time, alone, silent. Or take out the trash and go for a walk, raining and cold.

And not for meeting the illustrious her or him, or the thought of Karma be your reasons.

Follow your strategy and authority, but then you have got to learn to listen to it, first.

Listen, slow down

Take this ‘time’, and fall into what shows up, flexible, surrendering, peaceful, accept.