-Will she come in high heels or sneakers,
in a skirt or in jeans?

-Will she come in lace or in cotton,
will she be grumpy or sweet?

-Will she behave like a true dame,
or is it the little girl I will meet?

-Will she be kinky or virtuous,
I am forever lost
when she shows me her teeth.

-Smiling upon me,
with that glance in her eyes,
my centers are turbulent,
I’ll melt at her feet.

-I guess she will be all,
and even more than these,
paradoxes combined,
into one single beat.

-Snapping her fingers,
as music is playing,
iluminating our true self,
as we dance in the heat

-Of joyess heartaches and pleasures,
unfolding unfurling,
it is your flowering I seek.

-To shine with your true goddess
as the man I can be,
I’m so happy to meet.