On Reflector Group Moderation

It is remarkable to on the one hand say you do not like to be told when doing something wrong, and at the same time kick those same people as being control freaks, and then also justify yourself by telling how little it actually is… Seriously dude…

2 reflectors walk into a French Restaurant, and -demand- ‘French’ fries with a Big Mac…

It is not that we -have- to post daily, all or each single one of us. It is not that we have to entertain or be entertained, like planet Generator is already doing 24/7 in this neon lit global village. There is nothing wrong with no postings for 3 months, like it happens in the Reflector email list.

Unless we do indeed want to gobble up shallow bits and sound bytes, and through it an feel comfortable in our feeling alienated.

To me this (feeling alienated) is cause for alarm, not rejoice. Cause for introspection and figuring out what makes me feel this way, and to get out of, because, as far as I can see right now, I am in a human body form. Not a grey suit with big empty eyes. So my feeling anything other than this human form, makes me want to find out what is indeed wrong, with me.

I can not see how this attachment to light showbizz prime-time entertainment helps me, or you, to be(come) the best damn Reflector you can be. I feel it holds us and those around us from the truth far worse than any other type or person can do. As we bullshit ourselves that all is ok.

Like the guy falling from a tower building and each passing floor says: “untill now, all is well”

At the same time, it is a big illusion that (all) Reflectors should like or get along with (all) other Reflectors, and me particularly being unfriended mostly it seems, and just recently by another one. And I salute them for it, really. For a while we were bugging each other, as far as I can see by no means intentionally, but we pushed each others buttons here or there, for a while now. And as I was contemplating how to resolve such a thing, they unfriended me. I think now, it was the best thing for our ‘relationship’. Cause I do really appreciate them and have, but our ways of communicating and interacting seemed less and less compatible. SO, great to see/witness and resolve it, and move on. Get rid of those energies you are not comfortable with, for whatever reasons. Creating a little personal distance actually feels really really good.

And then the level and amount of not-self present in us Reflectors is staggering.

Really really great.

In my, not so very humble, opinion.

And one way to resolve this, is by living, and breathing with more awareness, even of this not-self. And breathing more deeply and less shallow, taking deep sighs every so often.

And people telling you; “your shit stinks” every so often, as it just does.

And sometimes, agree to disagree. Because also, I don’t realy care what you think or feel, I care what I feel/think about something. This is what is important to me, and to you for you. All the rest is bullshit, dramatization, victimization, games, and sheer nonsense.

Facebook seems to make it more difficult to stay on-topic, but why is that exactly? Why is it so hard to be a little bit more dilligent and serious in what you post where, and why is it so hard to be spoken to about it? What is this desire to cry wolf when you are asked a question, and not even physically tortured?

Yet… :-Þ

This is and always has been a moderated group, deal with it. Grow up. wo/man up.

Speaking for myself; life already gives me so many and much distractions, and Human Design has helped me in a big way to live a much more peacefull life, with less fear, less angsts, less anxieties, and more joy, and blessings, than I could have ever imagined or hoped for.

But I also feel we can be much much more.

Buying a book or being in a Reflector group does not do that. You have to read the book and implement it, try it out, do the actual work. And live and breathe some of this special essence we are all capable of.

And in this, we -do & can- support each other, by being, and being aware, and telling each other when we see us straying from the path, or when we feel this constant energy or bombardment of light hearted nonsense is interfering with our true path.

Call me delusional, but I care less and less. But I also notice I care less and less out of resentment, not out of joy, not out of finding my own inner reliance to discovering and being myself and my being. Nee I feel more and more alienated from other Reflectors, which to me is far worse then anything any conditioning has done beforehand.

I am, mainly speaking to myself here, to clear my ponderings into writing, and sharing them with you, but mainly speaking to myself. If you’re not with me, then that is unfortunate but ok, I’ll manage, reluctantly.

These re-ocurring discussions do help me ponder to drop not only being admin here, but also to just leave a group like this, cause I don’t want to fight over all of this, I’m sick and tired of the ‘hostility to obvious truths’, obvious to me ofcourse 😉

Blegh (took out most of the personal stings and issues)

Gate 59 of Sexuality, dispersion.
The ability to break down barriers to achieve union

Gate 59 Line 5 The femme fatale or Casanova
Exalted: The power to use love to break down any barrier. Given the Sun’s ‘lightness’ there is no negative connotation inherent in this description. The power of sexuality to attract others.
Detriment: Uranus in detriment, where the negative potential of this power becomes evident. The Gigolo, the adventuress. The power of sexuality expressed as sexual power.