There can be only One

Is awakening another form of delusion, to be trained into, just like any other mental illusion?

Just like any mental state, a train of thoughts or even perceptions. Is it a narrowing of the mind in certain specific ways, or an opening up?

How do you know, how would you know? How would you be able to tell, to discern?

Many mental states or ways of functioning are labeled, and mostly as an illness, is so called awakening not just another (One)?

Crazy before, crazy after? And more likely bat-shit crazy?

To perceive Oneness, to perceive all as One, One spirit, One entity, One interconnected and interwoven energetic formlessness.

Year after year after year it took to attain, read, contemplate, meditate, listen, train, train, train, or open up to, fall into, acknowledge to have always been, to see all in a different light

Train into, or untrain out of? The dreaming mind, covering like a fine cloth over our perception and senses

Many people have gone before, documenting started after their reached illumination, self actualization through dissolvement of self, of individual, of ego, realizing the One single ego to permeate all.

Why does it sound like just another/any other hallucination to me? Or another psychosis, is the enlightened One in psychosis or are the unenlightened Ones?