The wolf is not play-acting the wolf, it just is a wolf, it does not play out the archetype wolf. Why do humans play out archetypes; the businessman, the marrying maiden? These archetypes are just another layer of mental construct. Businessman is not genes, it is an ego construct, a mental fabrication, to behave in a certain way, to identify, and be identified

And we chase systems which have better and better descriptions of the archetypes. Some more narrow, some more precise, others more vague, some kinda loose, but all descriptions of archetypes, as we focus and lock in on the believing of those descriptions of mental constructs.

A better described archetype only aids us in keeping us locked in those archetypes and the whole construct we have ourselves build around it, and are still building. Some systems combine a whole bunch of archetypes to make up for the fact that you are not just one, archetype.

You, are not an archetype, unless it is called human, as your finger points at the moon

Moon Blog 63.4

Gate 63, Gate of Doubt, After Completion

63.4 Memory
Exalted: The detailed accounting of the achievement process whose information base can prepare a new order for the future. The pressure to explore the doubt in detail as a foundation for eventual formulizing.
Detriment: willingness to forget in the glow of victory, with a possible price to be paid later. The pressure and risk to forget the details when the doubts have been answered.