A little history lesson here.

In the other Reflector group a while ago, some heated debates occurred, some with me, but all of a sudden to the fact it was an Open Group. Open for non Reflectors, as it has always been since it was made, but who reads the about group message that you see upon admission right?

So this became a huge problem, and Sabrina was so nice to make a new, closed group, only for Reflectors. The backlash she got from doing that without consulting them, whoever them are ! She just saw the call, the desire, wherever it might have come from/originated, and felt the push to act upon and did. She made a Reflector only group. It got populated with people.

In the mean time, some individual arguments continued, people started blocking me, I started blocking others. All so we don’t have to be triggered anymore by each others writings. I learned to embrace it.

But now the blocking that was so needed and welcome then, becomes an issue because people still want to be able to read each other? Seriously?

Everyone sticking out their neck, to reply, to run a group, will be encircled by people who have control issues, and you will become their focus, until they turn in on to the group itself.

Personally I find it very healthy that some people block me. Just like the description of the G-Center: wrong place, wrong people, walk away. A digital version of that what is correct for you.

But mob rules & democracy is now to be made the golden standard. In a Facebook group that is all about individuality, about your unique perspective. Who will be the next prey for this working mob?

Stick your neck out, have an individual opinion about anything, that runs right against general acceptable feelings and perceptions, and you’re next. Some of it is on me now, but just wait for it, until this kind of behavior turns in on its self, someone else of the group, or more. A deserted waist-land will follow.

Did you know there were at least 2 other Reflector groups where I’m not allowed in, one even where people who study Human Design are blocked, on purpose? A Human Design Reflector group where you are not allowed to study Human Design. I wonder why they don’t go there though…?

An artist said the other day: people love the result of the individual creative process; the art, the painting, the music, the play, the poems, the writing, the insights.

but -not the process itself-, the depression, the fury, the emotions, the melancholy, the honesty, the integrity, the process (!)

My little contribution is a little sketchy, I know, but then again, I did not see 90% of the discussion that has been done over the course of months, because of mutual blocking. Such a relief 🙂

This whole discussion and opinions, perceptions, feelings have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Human Design or with me. And the notion to have it voted and effected over the weekend by this Monday attests to that. And the whole group needs to submit to the feelings of how many people exactly again, what 2 perhaps 3? Perhaps 3, consider that for a moment.

Ow and by the way, I actually have a doctors note for my psychological state, is that admissible? Will people be respectful of that, perhaps, some day, too?

And I might be completely wrong here, I might have missed the mark on all of it, but I’m perfectly ok with that, I don’t need a group, or group think, or rules of any kind to tell me whether I’m right or wrong. It has become unimportant. And that feeling of freedom is exhilarating.

Ada was right, it is a sand box, filled with 6 year olds. And you are all being used to vote in some rules so the illusive they can feel some sense of control. Too bad they can’t read this…

Enjoy 🙂