Life as a theatrical spectacle.

Are we the ones on stage after studying to become actors for so long making our stuttering debut or are we laureled with golden statues for our performances? When and what is our next performance, will we let you know, and make a Facebook Event announcement perhaps? Do we perhaps whisper words to the actors, do we write the scripts? Are we paying to be in the audience eating popcorn, cheering on or booing away? Are we the ones running the theater, the lights, the show, are we selling tickets?

Or do we get up and walk outside the theater and go do other stuff all together?

MoonBlog 17.1

Gate 17 of Opinions, Following

17.1 Openness
Exalted: The energy to sustain a broad spectrum of stimuli. The possibility of having many opinions.
Detriment: A tendency to limit openness to aesthetically pleasing stimuli. The possibility to limit opinions to what is pleasing.