Human Design is a tool, a practical tool, it is something that we use, that we apply. It is not a philosophy, it is a tool to experiment with, and see, witness how we actually operate. It is also an individual tool, it is something we need to apply in our own personal life, on our own, for it to work. It is not a group effort, there is no safety in numbers, we and we alone need to do the work. Yes, by all means, sharing our process, sharing about our experimentation with others, be it with one other or a thousand, but no one can help us with it, except we ourselves as we go deeper into the uncovering of how we function, how the mechanics of our Design operates.

Human Design is not an opinion, let alone a shared opinion. Even among the same Type, or with the same Centers Defined and/or Undefined, the same Variable, PHS, or Defined Channels, no one is the same, each and everyone is completely unique, and as soon as we try to adhere to any group, or group effort, at least one of us is using their mind as a decision maker, and not their inner authority. And the experiment slows down or even grinds to a halt, discussing opinions and what are perceived as feelings in an effort to find a common ground. A ground that will never be found, and thus the people forever lost in the discussion about it. Imposing mental considerations to which there is no solution, no escape, no right nor wrong, but just another run around while seemingly experience a sense of purpose and righteousness.

Someone is compromising their actual being, their true functioning, for any outer authority, or out of a fear, perhaps out of avoiding truth and the confrontation that comes with. Some people want to join ranks and huddle together, in an effort to make the world more pleasing, their worldview more comfortable, but no-one else but us can have that experience. No one else outside of us can make us feel or experience anything, it is we experiencing, it is we feeling. Whether that is hurt, lonely, or on top of the world and in heavenly bliss. It all starts and ends with ourselves, as our unique self.

It is I that is asleep, it is I that is awake, or not. It is I that is alive, it is I that will die, no one is there with me. The other that is next to me, is on their own trajectory, on their own experimentation, experiencing their own individual experiences, right there next to me, but different all the same. There are no rules for all, there are no rules for groups of people to need to adhere to, it is a mental decision making to force that upon people, to limit each and every-ones experience and experiment to put standards on anyone else, to use our limitations or even field of view, to impose those on others to not expand ours, to not show life to be possible in other ways then our own.

Whatever group one thinks they belong to, it is you, and you alone that puts on your pyamas when you go to bed, in fear, in turmoil, in opposition with something or someone, feelings of indignation but also, sometimes, of victory, and bravery, of confirmation of power and leadership.

But it’s all short-lived based on lies and therefor completely fake.

Moon Blog 3.5

Gate 3 of Ordering, Difficulty at the Beginning
Gate 3.5 Victimization, When actions designed to overcome confusion alienate others.
Exalted: The courage to stand by one’s convictions. The unique energy of individuality to withstand confusion.
Detriment: The Earth in detriment, where victimization leads to appeasement and suffering. Confused energy which is dominated by the ordering power of others.