Using Human Design as a psychological tool, to free yourself, to help yourself or someone else will get you stuck eventually, because that approach is finite, it is limited, mainly because it is false, secondly because it keeps the mind in control. Firmly.

Human Design is a mechanical tool with psychological consequences, not the other way around. Human Design is not so you can train your mind to act differently in similar situations, as psychology intends, as many other systems seek to accomplish.

HD helps you understand the actual situation better through understanding not just the Mechanics combined with the description of the framework, but more importantly you can learn to experience your own part in it more truthfully, and that is not all, you can actually engage your own authority to make proper decisions in situations, and not listen to your (un)trained mind. Anymore.

Mind is mind, psychology is mind, to question is mind, interpretation is mind. The experiment will show you, that the answers do not come from the mind, the answers that are correct for you. And as long as you observe only mental answers to mental questions, you might want to engage your inner authority to see a different Human Design Professional. Or not…

Let us not forget that most systems known to mankind, on the whole planet are reverse engineered. Results of observed experimentation and then -interpreted- by minds, by people, with agenda’s. Human Design is not reverse engineered but given, from the ground up, and then outwardly as a mechanical system functioning, with these possibilities. No guesstimates.

Moon Blog 47.3 in Detriment
Gate 47 of Realizing, Oppression
47.3 Self-oppression
In Detriment: A self-oppression so highly energized that it may prove irreversible and destructive. Extreme difficulty in realizing one’s self-worth.