The 47 comes up with answers, lots and lots of answers. Some in response to questions asked, and some come through the the veil, as if they were pushed through the cloth of it, and *plop* there they are. A realization, an insight, a pondering, suddenly existing in the conscious awareness of the mind.

But… just this fact of having all these answers, come up, over time or in direct response, says absolutely nothing about the quality of the answers, at all. As very often, it is just made up, seemingly sounding true, and very intelligent, so logical, and so well worded, sentences formed, near magical and the ego can run off boasting about this capacity.

But most if not all of the time, is just the mind uttering interesting combinations of words, that sound so big and true, of near breathtaking insights, but are just mental gibberish

Trying to come across like abstraction, but it is not knowing, not logic at all, not experiential it is not sensing, it is fake, an impostor, an act, of wanting to be and sound like those others that are logical.

Subjective awareness is subjective after all. There is nothing to pass on nor along. Believable make belief.

Luckily there is no mall-intent, it is just how it processes things, makes it up, that’s what it does, how it functions. No other purpose than adding up things and then making up the connections, true or false.

Churning them out by the dozen, regardless of quality. Just the happening itself is accepted.

Moon Blog 28.3

Gate 28 of the Game Player, Preponderance of the Great. The transitoriness of power and influence

28.3 Adventurism, Unfounded risk taking.
Exalted: A basic conservatism that even in adventurous acts is necessarily prudent. An intuitive caution in risk taking in times of struggle.
Detriment: Here a perverse manifestation of Jupiter’s expansiveness where risk taking is rationalized and failure ensured. Intuitive rationalizing of risk taking in times of struggle.