So for a while now, I’ve been investigating knife-sharpening systems, methods, tools, sets, accessories and so on. The more I read, and saw on utube, there was this conclusion growing of which tools to get and how to use them.

And all this without ever touching a single one, but, with the help of my trusted spreadsheet program, to make elaborate overviews of sets and parts, how to combine for the lowest price including or excluding shipping, money conversions, customs and on and on. To buy at a retailer or ebay, amazon, or the shop next door.

Of course I had my share of wet-stones in the past, but realizing now, I never learned how to properly use them, not even for the occasions I did use them, and had neglected them, mis-used and mistreated the knives I used on them.

I even remember this beautiful double sided stone I once received as a gift. Ha ! as I write this I suddenly realize where it is *running towards the bag in the box under the shelves in the bedroom*, after at least 6 moves and well over 20 years ! It is smaller then I remembered, maybe I was smaller then 

ok so now I have one large, fairly rough grit stone, one double sided twin grit, which both seem finer grits than the large one. And I have an old 8 wheeled pull-through knife killer

Ok nice sidetracking there, so as I read on and on and visited countless manufacturers websites and retailer websites I came to the set I want, the set I think will make me happy (…) the one which will obliterate all sets out there, and… I will learn how to sharpen knives by doing so. Combining all the absorbed and focused knowledge from old and new-timers and reading respective manuals and primers.

One day soon, cause those sets I do want are not cheap. I mean why choose reconstructed novaculite, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide Ceramics when you can have Monocrystalline diamonds, right?

I want to start out by sharing the best condensed read in all those finds which is this one:
before sharing some of the parts I am going to buy

After careful examination the whole Lansky sets just dropped of the list quick enough, too flimsy, too floppy, too miniature it seemed. Now the EdgePro Apex Sharpening System seems top of the bill, but… I don’t like the Stones, at all. Not even from the cheaper knock-off systems you can get soooo reasonably priced it feels like stealing, even if they have a much bigger assortment of grits.

Spyderco got me intrigued for a while too, I like their setup, great videos online, and interesting original extra hones to buy, even from different manufacturers that do fit their setup system

Now the Gatco system had me attracted for weeks, day in and day out. This set, that combo, bought here, and that part there, on and on. Weighing between their ceramics sets and their diamond sets, but I felt something still was missing. Although their knife-holder angle guide has the most different angles and the plastic handholder seems important to add and I really like their retractable guide rods inside the stoneholders themselves

Until I found the DMT website and had a close look at some easy to make combinations, to get as much different grits as possible, all high quality, all to be used guided and without. Not sure why, but their double sided folding kits really appeal, also because of their relative smallness for storage/travel and the seemingly ease of use unfolded. But only those folding sets, cause the other ones seem Lansky flimsy again

So all combined I am getting the Gatco Edgemate Knife Clamp/Angle Guide + Easy-Grip Clamp Mount. And then the DMT GMT-4 set which includes their Aligner Blade Guide + Diafold Magna-Guide rod thingy and the 325/600, 1200/8000 grit diamond Diafold Double Sided Sharpeners and will need to buy the separate 120/220 grit to have their full range of diamond sharpeners for the lowest price. And then also that Razor Edge Systems Edge Tester and preferably also a handheld double ceramics pull-through sharpener like the Gatco Super Micro-X Knife and Serration Sharpener, and did you ever see the Work Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener?


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Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

DMT Diafold Magna-Guide Kit