Are we upset for the reason we say so, truly? What is our need to be (so) upset? Is the using of the reason for our being upset not a symptom of something else? Is the reason for our being upset not shielding off a deeper desire for something else?

We believe our being upset is merely that, and the this or that is more than enough, isn’t it? Just look at it, how unjust, how terrible, how awful, how poor, how this, how that, can you not see !!??

Can you not see it my way? Can we not agree upon my way?

As we distract ourselves with the focus of our surface upsetness, with the trigger that helps us re-enact the being upset all over again, with an automated response. Ah we learned the being upset so well.
The glorious act of being upset, in the illusion and the fakeness of being upset, the using of reasons, logic even, to continue to be able to be upset, ourselves, over something, else.
This is wrong, that is wrong, change the world, change these people, change these responses, change these opinions.

YOU can NOT have THAT o p i n i o n !!

Is now illegal

Can’t have it, because I said so, because I think it is wrong, my mind tells me it is wrong, and therefor it is wrong, of you, doing or even thinking, let alone voicing that. And I can have multiple debates about why my mind tells me it is wrong and I need to follow whatever opinion my mind whispers or shouts at me, because my mind is not used for thinking, or contemplation, not used for the propositions of different viewpoints and weighing, not anything else but making decisions that I diligently follow and for being triggered with automated responses. And some day, a long while ago, we made a pact of what is admissible, and what is not. And you and your opinion, clearly, are not.

You, are not, you see, and therefor I can feel better, because I made up my mind about you, and your opinions, voicing and behaviour. I have taken a stand, and my stand stands, right here is where I have drawn a line, there, see?

A line.

Which makes me feel better, it helps me sleep to have made up my mental decision, about you, about the world, about all those things I oppose, all the things I disagree with. I have solved it. I am magnificent. Because of exactly that. And you’d better agree, or I will change my mind about you too.

Moon Blog 17.4

Gate 17 of Opinions, Following
The ancient law that those who wish to rule must know how to serve.

Gate 17 Line 4: The personnel manager
Exalted: The ability to probe and discover the underlying motivation and resources of those who wish to follow. The possibility of opinions based on the understanding of others.
Detriment: The overgenerous and often misguided acceptance of would-be followers, often with disastrous results. The possibility of opinions attracting others.