self-doubt and worries, as the mind is let loose to be triggered by what other people write, as they call themselves analysts, professionals, and offering not just sessions but even whole courses while not even knowing simple basics. Mind kicks me back saying to want to throw in the towel, as it ponders and reflects, is this truly for me to do anyways?

All those arrogant people out there claiming this and that even if they themselves were tricked by the Parkyns and the Currys to follow and believe this facade they bought themselves into, as they get triggered by their easiest weaknesses, usually money and a shallow self-image. Lured with tricks and lies, but slowly populating groups and fora, open house sessions asking the right questions as a result of that missing information they had not received themselves, being conned and tricked into believing they matter and what they do does. By now, there must be more fake and conned session givers out there, than real ones, as the machines keep pumping out more half-witted wannabees

Self-doubt and worries, as I ponder the Strategy and Authority results of the unforeseeable future, as the mind comes up with all kinds of schemes to oppose all this or to let go, actively engaged in either one, two, eighteen. A comment, a pissed of letter, a reply, or a moonblog, perhaps.

Why do I care, why do I need to care…

Is this really for me to do anyways? Does the question need a mentally understood answer, as it watches life unfold, or not unfold. Things happening, not happening, watching, watching, will the mind hold on, or let go, will the mind, the mind, the mind…

Moon Blog 28.2

Gate 28 of the Gameplayer, Preponderance of the Great
The transitoriness of power and influence

Gate 28, Line 2: Shaking hands with the devil. Distasteful alliance
Detriment: A means, however unsavoury, that is justified by its end. When the game turns to a struggle, the intuitive acceptance of any alliance in order to win.
Exalted: The anxiety engendered by sacrificing higher principles when there is no guarantee of success. The risk in sacrificing principles when there is no guarantee of victory.