yesterday I read this link I found on FB:

and particularly nr.2 (“We know things without having to intellectually figure them out. Often called intuitive awareness, we have ‘a-ha’ moments and insights that can explain some of the most complex theories or phenomenon in the world.”)
spoke to me considering this topic ( Because yes, some information needs to be verified, tested in our personal experimentation and some maybe scientifically and more. Within the greater scheme of things and the validity of Human Design particularly, but some really do seem unexplainable, and that is ok to be. Which is not about believing, but it is about trust.

And it is not even about trust that it will be ok (as in good), or it will be this or trust that it will be that. but trust that it does not matter to me, living my life what it actually is, how and why it is. That for me was the big breakthrough in my life, of having the acute realization of -not needing- to know anymore. While still not believing any of it, but simply having found an inner cadence to living my life, with the Lunar Cycle, with my S&A, and seeing that -that- actually works.

I, am -not- the one, needing to do figure all that out. Because it is only my mind that is worried about such things, whether they hold up, end up being true, or not. That realization set me free from needing to, and since then only engaging with things that turned out to be correct for me, including mental or scientific puzzles, which, up to a point, are my cup of tea.

The same as now, it does no longer matter what the economy is like, or who gets elected, where before I would follow the most leading papers, magazines and tv programs about them, all for many, many years. I became aware of how none of that had any bearing on me making my decisions, one at a time. Of how I live and breathe my life, or -how- to live my life. It all just fell away, one by one in an ever increasing cascade that made it into a waterfall of drops, away, away, away.

Where before I was quite consumed with those whats and hows and whys. And they are still all relevant in that bigger scheme, but just not for me to be concerned with, right here, right now, is what my message basically is. because whether it is this, or it turns out to be that, has no influence on me, at all. Except for the belief system of my mind that wants to do all sorts with that information, true or false.

As I began to see, and understand what Ra was talking about, with the support of several courses I did, of how the pure basics, and living those, really applying them, is what HD is all about, and the rest is absolutely fantastic awesome and grandiose, mind candy.

And the discovery of 2 sets or sequences of courses, one leading to certification going ever deeper into the whats and the whys of the system itself, of the framework, and other courses who are simply about becoming a free individual, deconditioned, living and breathing your Design, while also understanding, that we are here to experience and witness the life, not judge it, not make opinions about the experience and park it in our minds. This was good, this was bad, this was money thrown away.

And to only follow our Inner Authority as we apply our Strategy, makes many many concepts and questions and answers, just fall away, would be my best description of my experience.

Moon Blog 63.2

Gate 63 of doubt, after completion.
In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings

Gate 63 Line 2 Structuring

Exalted: The establishing of a large framework through which achievement can be expanded and shared; compensating others for their contributions while maintaining control of direction. The pressure to share one’s doubts with others while still maintaining control.
Detriment: Instability in achievement that when in positions of authority leads to arrogance and the desire to keep others away from the center of power. Doubts in achievement that can lead to suspicion of others