Feelings are like torrential rains, there is nothing you can do to stop them

We try to protect ourselves from these overwhelming experiences, but all you really have to ‘do’ is to stop what it is you -are- doing. And allow that flushing flood.

Just like in that massive rain, you can not continue walking, or driving your moped as the rain and winds beat down on you, the water and winds permeating your clothes and chilling you to the bone. Or even flying in a jet-plane through the clouds as you and the plane are rocked and shuffled

You have got to let go of having any control over this emotional weather.

Including the positive ones !

You stop, you look around, you discern what is happening, and make yourself as comfortable as possible for allowing the flow, of water and winds, feelings and emotions. Happy and sad ones.

And as the intensity rolls away and slowly slowly moves beyond the horizon, you go back to all those doings of life, walking on the pavement, on your moped on the soggy back-roads, or in a business jet-plane piercing the clouds.

Moon Blog 12.2

Gate 12 of Caution, Standstill. The quality of restraint and the importance of meditation and inaction in confronting temptation.

Gate 12 Line 2 Purification. Rigorous withdrawal from negative influences.
Exalted: The discipline to maintain a pure state. The expression of disciplined social caution.
Detriment: The boredom that arises out of lack of stimulation. Caution that manifests boredom and the expressed desire for stimulus.