How easy are we distracted, getting our brain veiled all over again, by cosmic fairy-tales?

However interesting it is to have a glimpse of what the future may bring, that future is not ours, yet. And might even never ever be. While we sing and dance in the presumption of knowing of this bright future, we hug and presume to love, because of this growing awareness, on the fairy-tale distractions.

While we claim others are living in blablaland, how many so readily step into a fantasy Smörgåsbord as we mystify our lives with just an-other story. Something to hold on to, something to believe in. The more grandiose the story, and the further away from us living here right now, the better. So we can project into the feeling confident about any such future, to -make- the feeling of this life being worthwhile, because look, there, in the future, this not too close future, which I have no effect on, this and that will happen, to humanity, to the earth, to this to that.

To rejoice about something way beyond our livelihoods, is nothing but mental Mars & Snickers bars, just another peace of candy, to suss our rampant mind. To distract this life, right here an now, in an unattainable future, seeking only happy, demanding happy as a result, a goal, from the gods, the universe, from that future, that is not here.

Moon Blog 55.5

Gate 55 of Spirit, Abundance. Abundance is strictly a question of spirit

Gate 55 Line 5 Growth
Exalted: The unusual ability in a position of power to accept advice and transform it innovatively. This gift in a position of power allows one to continue to lead rather than being perceived as being led. The emotional strength and spirit derived from positions of power.
Detriment: An integrative openness that in its broad acceptance of advice may be eventually eclipsed. An emotional openness where the spirit is at risk from conditioning.