in my dream, I was connecting with someone I have known for a few years. Well not known, but know of, a friend of a former friend. Seen sometimes at my former friends place, and connected with on FaceTube. A stunner, a looker, and a gentle person, sweet and caring. The sudden renewed or intensified connection happened through social media, but also voice/telephone, somehow, the dream was unclear about that.

I was in some quarter south-west of the city near the outskirts sometime after dark, finishing up on some computer support for a family, it all seemed descent and slightly upper class. Residential owners all, nothing rented and the weather was calm and soft as the streetlights reflected on the stylish white brick houses.

For some reason I was on the phone with her, and I blurted I wanted to not just meet up but hook up with her, I knew I meant sometime soon, while not having any fixed idea when. She asked me where I was, as I stood on the open corridor near the staircase and looked out onto the lit-up inner-city skyline where I live and I told her where I was and must have hung up, and made my way over to my bicycle somewhere down below.

As I came close to my bike walking the pavement, there she was, in her car in the street, a mini cooper. Well I was not sure it was her, I had to look twice to see, with her seat put way back so she was almost hiding behind the door-frame posts. She was looking for me, and I saw her looking. When she saw me she quickly parked the car half on the pavement. She was in tears. tears of joy, of deep inner longing for love and being seen, for being honored for being who she really is, which apparently I did. I was enthralled with seeing her crying like this, with little pouted lips, mascara run out, but also this deep inner joy.

as I walked closer to the car she rolled down the window and her tears came rolling down a little bit more and we said hi, and she quickly moved over to the passenger seat. I was taken by that, I did not know her car or even her all that well, but she immediately moved over to let me drive as if it was the most natural thing for her. As I opened the drivers seat door and sat down next to her, and felt so welcomed and well, correct, I also felt she had calmed down as I looked over my shoulder in the back of the mini which had the back seat down to make a little boot, and said to need to put my bike in, she simply nodded in agreement, without a hum.

Moon Blog 25.4

Gate 25 of the spirit of the self, innocence

Gate 25 Line 4 Survival
The nature of true innocence can be maintained regardless of circumstances.

Exalted: The beauty of the rose in the garbage dump. Jupiter is also exalted. The highest principles even amongst the greatest decadence. The spiritual warrior; the innocence maintained regardless of circumstances. No polarity.
Detriment: No planet in detriment.