Strategy and Authority

is the basis of Design. But it’s not like there’s something else beyond that, the next step. No, everything is here. Truly everything, and that’s the point. It’s the whole thing to grasp. And it takes time. Oh, adults are deeply, deeply, deeply conditioned, living in a deeply, deeply, deeply conditioned world where everybody uses their mind all the time to make decisions. “What do you think? What are you going to do?”

But this is the only way to transform your life; this is the only way to begin the process of awakening. There is no other way. You can see that the moment you turn over to your Design consciousness its natural responsibility to guide the vehicle, there is immediately a resonance with the Monopole. They work together, driver and vehicle. When they’re working together, when there is correctness in that, then the passenger has a chance, has a chance to see that this an incredible life, a beautiful life, to see the beauty of oneself, to learn to love oneself. This is what it’s about, and it takes time; it’s a journey.

But no matter what you learn, no matter what I teach you, there’s only one thing in this knowledge that really matters, that you get to live out what is correct for you and you can only do that through your Strategy and your inner Authority. There is no other way.” – Ra Uru Hu