Life, interaction, energy -can not- be reciprocal. That is mechanically impossible, unless we make ourselves do that, make ourselves behave in those ways, forced. As we place another condition before having our experiences. See where that takes anyone?

Just look at our own self, and our own desires as a reply to our own experiences. “I want the other to be this, to be that. This person is correct, this one is not” and all are made a. from a mental discernment and judgment about b. the experiences we have because c. we don’t want or like those experiences. But when this happens to us, someone demanding these things, then we get all wound up about it, too.

Everyone is unique. We can not place demands on anyone else. No one is here to fix things, or to be equal to another. You are here to be you, while you -experience- the other. Uplifting or draining. Be aware, notice, experience.

This breath, this breath, this breath.

Sounds so easy right? Now try it 


MoonBlog 62.3

Gate 62 of detail, preponderance of the small.
Caution, patience and detail produce excellence out of limitation

Gate 62 Line 3 discovery.
Exalted: A genius for the unusual. The ability to discover valuable information in detail work and to find innovative applications for this knowledge. The unusual gift of finding and expressing valuable details.
Detriment: A dissatisfaction with the monotony of detail work, where what is missed may be of great importance and value. The expression of dissatisfaction and boredom in detail work.