honesty, sometimes referred to as confrontation and truth

Just now I got a call from a friend to come and join this manifestation/protest to keep the squat he lives in, which is happening now live, just a few hundred meters from my house.

I find it difficult to say, in the moment to this friend, that I not only not agree with all this energy poured into trying to retain and sustain that which is, but also what a wonderful opportunity for them, to start fresh and new, to use all their creativity into a new project.

Instead of keeping the same old same old, which they have indeed worked for so hard. This big empty nearly derelict industrial space and turned it into a thriving joyful gathering space for artists, living space & highly praised restaurant. With concerts, and whatnot

And in the past, when I lived in squats myself I would have been the first to join in the festivities of opposing the big bad city council, project developers, investors and speculators.

Now I simply cringe at the thought of all these defeatists, and victimization wanabees, who howl at what they deem is wrong and cry wolf at ever single smell of change and fresh winds. I just can’t stand it anymore, I moved on, from feeling helpless and powerless and blaming outside forces to just owning up to it. And dealing with it best I can.

Where this kind of opposition is just not my cup of tea anymore. However true some of their arguments are in opposition of the councils decision to terminate the contract (!) to use the space. Yes, contract, quite an achievement to even get one of those. But now, the owner, the city, terminates the contract by the end of the year, and wants to have some new development done there. Tearing down the old, and building something new. Which indeed will probably become vacant/unused, for several reasons: too expensive, not attractive enough for that particular commercial activity that is envisioned, and who knows what other reasons.

Theses are all true and quite valid things to ponder and reflect, but to dress up in black, retreating into tobacco and drinks while voicing (shouting) your concerns of just another fucking injustice with wonderfully made flags and music, and vehicles.

I just can’t anymore… I can’t be a participant anymore, nor do I seek to be a witness of it. But perhaps him calling me bourgeois did also trigger something in me…

MoonBlog 41.6

Gate 41 of contraction, decrease.
The limitation of resources which maximizes development of potential

Gate 41 Line 6 contagion.
The law that the maximization of potential not only ends decrease but inevitably such transcendence benefits others.

Exalted: The maximization of the potential of form. The father whose success will benefit his children. The fuel for recognition through feelings.
Detriment: The tendency in transcendence to keep it a secret in fear of being deprived of its special advantages. The fuel for secret or repressed feelings.