September 2014

History is what’s happening

IV Stage one. The outburst
Again and again in history we find a small nation, treated as insignificant by its contemporaries, suddenly emerging from its homeland and overrunning large areas of the world. Prior to Philip (359-336 B.C.), Macedon had been an insignificant state to the north of Greece. Persia was the great power of the time, completely dominating the area from Eastern Europe to India. Yet by 323 B.C., thirty-six years after the accession of Philip, the Persian Empire had ceased to exist, and the Macedonian Empire extended from the Danube to India, including Egypt.

This amazing expansion may perhaps he attributed to the genius of Alexander the Great, but this cannot have been the sole reason; for although after his death everything went wrong—the Macedonian generals fought one another and established rival empires—Macedonian pre-eminence survived for 231 years.
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In the Ward of Fevered Minds

Bed after bed, child after child.
Some calm, some thrashing.
Some laughing, some wailing.
Calling for mommy.
Calling for God.

One sits up, eyes open, asking.
I go to him, sit, answer.
He nods, falls back, gone again.

I was once in a bed like them—fevered, deluded.
Now I’m in a chair—I suppose it’s better.
A roomful of loonies.

I return to my crossword puzzle
Until the next one sits up, asks.
– Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing

Francesca would have been a marvellous actress.

Perhaps what made her a good teacher was the great actress in her past, that oftremarked link to Ellen Terry. A bit of a reach for a relation, but that had never stopped Francesca. The Ellen Terry connection was one of the myths of the Manor.

Amelia took the myth at face value for her student years. But later, when she returned to teach at the Manor, she investigated. The facts were that “the Master,” G. F. Watts, painter of mythological scenes, fell in love with Ellen Terry when she was a mere fifteen, and playing on the London stage. He, forty-seven, considered adopting her but was told she was too old; he asked his friends if he might marry her, but they said she was too young. He kissed her, and she thought she was with child and told her mother they must be married. She wanted, she said, to live with his pictures.
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Hexagram 18


Hexagram 18: corrupting; R Wilhelm 18: work on the decayed; Hua-Ching Ni 18: correcting the corruption; Human Design gate 18: gate of correction, work on what has been spoilt; S Reifler 18: fixing; J Blofeld: decay ; S Karcher: corruption and pestilence / renovating ; GeneKey 18: the healing power of mind

MoonBlog 46.5 Pacing

First off: I personally enjoy the break-down of material and trying to rid what some see as additionals put in way after the Revelation, and I cherish the 2nd version of the Human Design Course book, simply because it is such a great break-down of the different elements.

However, these ‘mode to do’ and ‘mode to wait’, where do -they- come from? Why are they still in place, or did the voice really tell those as well?

But onto the video Zeno made about Reflectors and the misinterpretation of their Strategy & Authority:


Zeno: “Hi, Today I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. And that is, there’s quite an error in types. And so what I’ve decided to do is talk about the errors, and I start with the reflector because I tell you, I think this is the saddest and worst crime that we could possibly do.”

You are right to say “I think it is a crime”, you think it, does not make it true or not true, you think it.

Zeno: “Okay, so we have this type called reflector. And as you maybe, probably, already know that is having no definition, all centers are undefined. And the reason I say this is a huge crime, that you would start off with the strategy for these poor folks as watching the moon and then giving 28 days before making a decision – I have no idea whether Ra did this on purpose to screw up these people – or it was just in his narcissism, arrogance that he thought it was alright to just play around and say ‘well, reflector you are obviously a moon-person’. So, going back just a tiny bit it is clear that having no definition, the one thing you want get right off the top is, you are not a mental person, period.”

To say someone is or is not mental, because one is (or not) not ‘mentally defined’ is saying I am not emotional because my Solar Plexus is undefined, but maybe this is a subject for another day.

Zeno: “And you look at that watching the moon. It isn’t anything practical about planets. For example, Pluto could give you a definition for a couple of years, or Neptune, or Uranus. And this is part of what deeply bothers me. It’s not to say the moon doesn’t have an influence. I did this exercise very early on watching the moon about half a year. I’m a mental person I am mentally defined, so I made games so ‘oh okay, so today the moon is in Libra in hexagram 48’ it will, I mean Libra 48 – It will next be in 57’. And of course having – having no definition, and then that exercise to just completely watch the moon – oh my god that is not the biggest influence, period.”

‘The exercise’ as you call it, to watch the moon is -not- about what Gate it is in and then assuming that influence to happen in your life, or you living that out. Just like no other Transit -defines- you. It is a temporary conditioning. Read that again, a temporary conditioning. Any influence from outside, does not -define- you, or your life, or who you are. It is not you, in other words it is not-self… good play of words there yes?

However, as you correctly say, the moon does have an influence. But how that plays out, is different for everyone, for every single Reflector or any other Type (or definition or person, whatever words you want to use). How it plays out is what you watch for, that and only that. This is what you journal.

It is simply not true, that because the Moon is in Gate 48 all of a sudden you have depth, and all Reflectors have depth, or when the Moon is in Gate 13 all of a sudden all are great listeners. No. Or have to be (!)

But through tracking and journaling what happens whenever the Moon is in Gate 20, or 13 and so on, you get to see, -how- you sample life differently, most of the times the Moon is indeed in Gate 20, or 13
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Hexagram 46


Hexagram 46: ascending; R Wilhelm 46: pushing upward; Hua-Ching Ni 46: rising; Human Design gate 46: gate of the determination of the self, pushing upward; S Reifler 46: pushing upward; J Blofeld: ascending, promotion ; S Karcher: ascending the sacred mountain ; GeneKey 46: a science of luck

Myth, Amelia reminded herself,

exists to give order to life, which is chaotic. There are too many events for us to make sense of. Myth selects and arranges so that we may find pleasure in the shape lives take, even a dreadful fate arrived at by predictable means acquiring a certain elegance. Selection, direction, reverence, that is the function of myth. We could argue that love serves the same purpose: love says: here is the one you will attend to, cleave to, believe in. Now go ahead. Forsake all others.

That’s fine for the chosen one, she thought. But what happens to the bits that don’t fit the shapes, to the people outside the circle?
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Prostitution and the internet, more bang for your buck

How new technology is shaking up the oldest business

WARNING: We rarely feel the need to alert readers to explicit content. But our discussion of the online sex trade requires frank language, and some may find the topic distasteful.

FOR those seeking commercial sex in Berlin, Peppr, a new app, makes life easy. Type in a location and up pops a list of the nearest prostitutes, along with pictures, prices and physical particulars. Results can be filtered, and users can arrange a session for a €5-10 ($6.50-13) booking fee. It plans to expand to more cities.
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Prostitution, a personal choice

The internet is making the buying and selling of sex easier and safer. Governments should stop trying to ban it

STREET-WALKERS; kerb-crawlers; phone booths plastered with pictures of breasts and buttocks: the sheer seediness of prostitution is just one reason governments have long sought to outlaw it, or corral it in licensed brothels or “tolerance zones”. NIMBYs make common cause with puritans, who think that women selling sex are sinners, and do-gooders, who think they are victims. The reality is more nuanced. Some prostitutes do indeed suffer from trafficking, exploitation or violence; their abusers ought to end up in jail for their crimes. But for many, both male and female, sex work is just that: work.
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