MoonBlog 46.5 Pacing

First off: I personally enjoy the break-down of material and trying to rid what some see as additionals put in way after the Revelation, and I cherish the 2nd version of the Human Design Course book, simply because it is such a great break-down of the different elements.

However, these ‘mode to do’ and ‘mode to wait’, where do -they- come from? Why are they still in place, or did the voice really tell those as well?

But onto the video Zeno made about Reflectors and the misinterpretation of their Strategy & Authority:


Zeno: “Hi, Today I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. And that is, there’s quite an error in types. And so what I’ve decided to do is talk about the errors, and I start with the reflector because I tell you, I think this is the saddest and worst crime that we could possibly do.”

You are right to say “I think it is a crime”, you think it, does not make it true or not true, you think it.

Zeno: “Okay, so we have this type called reflector. And as you maybe, probably, already know that is having no definition, all centers are undefined. And the reason I say this is a huge crime, that you would start off with the strategy for these poor folks as watching the moon and then giving 28 days before making a decision – I have no idea whether Ra did this on purpose to screw up these people – or it was just in his narcissism, arrogance that he thought it was alright to just play around and say ‘well, reflector you are obviously a moon-person’. So, going back just a tiny bit it is clear that having no definition, the one thing you want get right off the top is, you are not a mental person, period.”

To say someone is or is not mental, because one is (or not) not ‘mentally defined’ is saying I am not emotional because my Solar Plexus is undefined, but maybe this is a subject for another day.

Zeno: “And you look at that watching the moon. It isn’t anything practical about planets. For example, Pluto could give you a definition for a couple of years, or Neptune, or Uranus. And this is part of what deeply bothers me. It’s not to say the moon doesn’t have an influence. I did this exercise very early on watching the moon about half a year. I’m a mental person I am mentally defined, so I made games so ‘oh okay, so today the moon is in Libra in hexagram 48’ it will, I mean Libra 48 – It will next be in 57’. And of course having – having no definition, and then that exercise to just completely watch the moon – oh my god that is not the biggest influence, period.”

‘The exercise’ as you call it, to watch the moon is -not- about what Gate it is in and then assuming that influence to happen in your life, or you living that out. Just like no other Transit -defines- you. It is a temporary conditioning. Read that again, a temporary conditioning. Any influence from outside, does not -define- you, or your life, or who you are. It is not you, in other words it is not-self… good play of words there yes?

However, as you correctly say, the moon does have an influence. But how that plays out, is different for everyone, for every single Reflector or any other Type (or definition or person, whatever words you want to use). How it plays out is what you watch for, that and only that. This is what you journal.

It is simply not true, that because the Moon is in Gate 48 all of a sudden you have depth, and all Reflectors have depth, or when the Moon is in Gate 13 all of a sudden all are great listeners. No. Or have to be (!)

But through tracking and journaling what happens whenever the Moon is in Gate 20, or 13 and so on, you get to see, -how- you sample life differently, most of the times the Moon is indeed in Gate 20, or 13

For instance, occasionally with the sequence of Gates 30, 55, 37, of the Moon Transit that is, I can feel particularly overwhelmed emotionally. I -can- feel, it does not happen every month. Besides sometimes being vast asleep during a Transit, sometimes it is daytime, sometimes I’m distracted by other energies, sometimes I’m deeply into it. But I got to see, not only the sequence itself, but also that my own awareness of this experience might happen every 3 months or so, and I perceived myself as a victim of it, more than just the simple experience, but also the being lost in the mind for not understanding. Now I know, that this is a simply a possibility, in my Lunar Cycle.

And yes, when the Sun is in these Gates, or Neptune, similar experience can occur, but I particularly experience them through the Lunar Transits, hardly any time else. In my earliest blogs, way before ever tracking the Moon or any other Transits I already mention this experience, without knowing. For a while I have even started to call it my Lunar ‘period’, a time for retreat and personal tenderness. Here is that reference:

These experiences over time, of not feeling like brushing my teeth most times the Moon is in Gate so and so, or meeting this or that person and having such and such a conversation, is showing me, how there is somewhat of a repetition in how I sample life. How things come back, through my way of sampling life, through the influence of the Moon.

The Moon is not my outside source of Authority, I do not have an external Authority that is the Moon, I am my own Authority, there is something inside me that says yes and no, and sometimes it takes 6 minutes, and sometimes it takes 13 Lunar Cycles to uncover what is correct for me, what I gravitate towards in all correctness.

But to have been playing with the waiting for a Lunar Cycle has brought much peace in my life, particularly mental calm, as it gives me time to breathe and let all my openness take in what is asked or proposed and am prodded about, and then deeper, to accept, or let it through and out again and leave it and walk away. Which also is a noticing, me noticing either engaged with that which was suggested, or noticing I have walked away.

The calm this exercise of tracking not the Gates of the Moon themselves but my experience of life at all 64 transits has been of inmeasurable value in my experience of living my life. And that, is something no one else can tell me is or is not correct. Well they can say it, but it is simply not true 😉

Human Design is a tool, for self uncovering, the Lunar Cycle is a tool, for tracking and journaling, to see and understand how you sample life. While still nothing is fixed or dogmatic about it. But tendencies, possibilities, capabilities. And always revolving, always different, the Moon in Gate 20 this month is not identical like the Moon in Gate 20 the next month.

The Moon in Gate so and so is nothing but a moment in time, a marker of such a moment in time, and you can get to see what, if any, impact this has on your life, through journaling. Not through interpreting or adhering to any book’s explanation of a Gate, whether you use the Rave I-Ching or Hua Ching Ni, or any other source. Your own personal experience is what counts, but yes, through the timing mechanism of the Transit of the Moon, why not? As long as you look at yourself, by any means.

I personally (but that is just my mind) think it is a travesty, that because you interpret something in this or that way through the limitation of your own perception and capabilities, use your discernment of what is from your own mind, to tell others what is criminal or not, and even dare suggesting what someone else (Ra or anybody) must have thought.

What is important for me, is whether something actually works or not. Do I see or not, is something there, or not. Only by doing such an exercise will you find out, without any need for any book or someone else’s interpretation of what it is supposed to mean or say or do, or in your case, not do.

Your misinterpretation and misunderstanding is not my guide.

Zeno: “But more than that is, well you know excuse me if you can’t handle, but – for me, this is a mindfuck. And that is to avoid. You have no definition, you have no mental definition then you really don’t want to be viewing everything through a mental lens. And I’m sorry, but without a question, this having the strategy of watching the moon, it is ridiculous. And of course, I feel very sorry. Not because having no definition is so awful, but it, is the amazing misguided nature.”

Everything gets viewed through a mental lens by the way, have you ever tried to stop doing that? Without referring to your ‘Mental definition’, but the point is, what is -your direct experience- of life, as you live it. Brushing your teeth, or not, feeling like going out the door, or not, what is your experience of -life-. Your assumption that it is a mindfuck -is the mindfuck-

Zeno: “And so now, what would I say, all the different chart styles, it doesn’t matter which, you have to start by looking at what the virtue might be – and you look at these charts, no definition, and I’m sure, if you’re anything like I am, the first hit is ’Oh my God, now what?’. And it is important for you to understand that, how conditioning works means, this person with no definition is gonna have a lot of practice on how conditioning works.”

To only look at what a virtue may or not be, is an easy escape for wanting to control life, with the clear oriented goal of virtue as a necessity. But life is, life is what life is, with and without virtue. You are here to observe that which life is, even if there is no virtue in something. But don’t take my word for telling you what you are here to be doing, at all. Some will observe life and some will not, great !

Zeno: “Now, what I tell people when they come to me – you have no definition et cetera, is, you could be a seer. You could be a clairvoyant; you could be a fair witness – if you can figure out how to not take everything personally. And so, this is quite a different starting point, than you have to watch the moon, and see what happens to your design. Look, I tell you, watching the moon, twelve hours it changes – another twelve hours it changes again. It is so much work. Then you’ve got the different lines, ‘Oh my God we’re moving into line two’.”

And yes, the experience of seeing conditioning, here you come back to some of the parts I so enjoy about your work, going back to the simple and true, of the actual functioning of the elements of our Design. But the suggestion to possibly be a seer or clairvoyant or anything else is another wishful thinking and can be quite damaging, because that is simply another interpretation of someone being defined of what openness is or is not.

Zeno, all Reflectors are different, there is no homogenized functioning for being this or that, except how openness works, not how it translates into being a seer or clairvoyant. Besides, why would that be so virtuous? And there are many people with definition claiming to be such and such, so what is this nonsensical suggestion anyways?

You could be a fireman ! It is the same homogenization nonsense! Who would need a starting point like that in the first place?

Zeno: “Now, if you are honest with yourself, you will understand only very few kinds of planetary activations can you really identify. But I tell you, two hours for one line? Probably not. And twelve hours for a moon gate? Also probably not. Unless, that one gate is very central to your design.”

And the Moon is not even changing every 12 hours, on average around 10 hours and 40 minutes, here are the calculations I made:

But like I said it is not about needing to sit at the ready and read what any books says, but to journal your experience of your life, your thoughts, your experiences, encounters, a book you read, your tears. And if you write nothing, or forget to write, then perhaps tomorrow you can write about that, that is the direct experience of your life. No one else involved. Well apart from all these Transits happening regardless of you noticing, journaling, or talking about it on FaceBook or elsewhere.

Zeno: “But anyway, I would say that the most important error has to do with being deeply misguided. That you have this totally made-up strategy of watching the moon, and then taking a moon cycle to make a decision. I would say this is so artificial, you need to acknowledge how artificial it is, and how hard it is to identify any given activation that you actually experience it. Therefore I recommend to people, that you absolutely are benefited by studying the planetary program – but please, start with those things that last a longer time(…) – That is my first, I will go on with the others.”

Your discernment that the Lunar Cycle is about you noticing this or that line is what is the fallacy in your own interpretation. If one can not see any nuances and only talk in black & white, then the Lunar Cycle as some understand it, is all awful, but why transpose ones own limitations, ones own black & whiteness onto the life of others that do experience all shades of grey, or other shades of grey than me, or you, or her, or him?

The before mentioned Gates 30, 55 and 37 are not central to my Design, at all, so no it is not about that either, again another interpretation that is false. I mean if we talk about mentalising Human Design, there is another one for you, by you. I can have a Transit experience that does not hook up with my Design, not through a temporary connection to a Gate I have on the other side of the Channel, or in Harmony or Resonance with a Gate I ‘do have’. No simply all by itself in a Center that is open, having an impact in my life, in my direct experience. And then onwards to other Planets, or spheres, to slowly understand all Transits and their impact.

And yes, many others believe the way you describe and oppose is the way the Lunar Cycle for Reflectors is about, but it has never been true, simple as that. That which you oppose is, I agree, completely artificial. But as long as most people say, it is like this, and then some others like you saying, that is wrong because, when neither of those 2 views understand any of it, ah…well… what to do?

This, this writing, is what I call a MoonBlog, a journaling of what is going on in my life, in my thoughts, my experience, by clicking below on the MoonBlog category you can find other ones as well. They may be on par with the Lunar Transit at the time of writing or posting, it may be on par with another Transit, it might be none of them, it might be a complete mindfuck. Time will tell, or perhaps not.

MoonBlog 46.5

Gate 46 of the determination of the self, pushing upward.
Good fortune that may be perceived as the result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication.

Gate 46 Line 5 Pacing
Exalted: The maintenance of proper rhythm that in its instinctive practicality avoids radical divergence from successful patterns. The determination to stay with the rhythm which brings success.
Detriment: An irrational rejection of the very patterns that have proven successful. Determined to say no to the very rhythm that brings success.


Transcript made by Eline Steen Johansen