To be grateful is a hoax, another trick of the mind, to soothe ourselves into believing in the goodness of the life we live, to focus on that one side of life to feel good about ourselves and our life. But who needs one-sided tricks to do that, to simply enjoy and accept all of it?

To include the drama, the horrors, the hurt, the cheating lovers, the broken down car, the crashed banks, why can we not be grateful about that? Why is striving for gratitude even an issue, what do we have to prove, to ourselves or others. Humbleness does not show, especially not on FaceTube

We can see the forced efforts in the sentences, comments, and even the videos, so desperately trying to show and show off what the fuck we are so grateful about. And the horror of admitting -that- is palpable.

If you are a grateful kind of person, awesome, be grateful all you can, live it, naturally. But if you are not, stop putting pressure on yourself, it will get us in trouble and we may end up getting sick even. But only for doing something against our own nature. But then we can figure out new stuff to be grateful about, right? As we take another dose of our drug called suffering.

So please, just be you, be naturally ungrateful if that is correct for you, and stop tagging our friends, don’t even ask them, don’t nominate anyone with this homogenized crap of fake religious gratitude.

It is one thing to do what is natural for us, and to do those things in a ritual manner. And even have a kind of religious experience with them, or through them. And to play with the rituals in a natural way. It is quite another to adopt rituals and act them out as if, to invoke, and force something to become natural when it is not. Faking depth and wisdom onto our shallow lives by means of adopting, copying, like monkeys and apes. It will never work, and we will suffer for it. Hell, we probably already do !

But you know what is the real kicker in all of this? Where does this gratitude happen? To be grateful for this or that is nothing more than a mental consideration, a judgment, a construct, triggered by your own social or cultural conditioning. We can not -feel- grateful, we -think grateful-. It is a play act of forced morals that we choose ourselve to adhere to, or accepted from our peers. As we play with lofty endeavors to be grateful about, to even ‘feel’ purpose in being grateful, in a shallow act of dreary fakeness locked in the game of homogenization while not knowing we’re being played by playing along, as we tap-dance along to the tune of our fake morals.

And so here we are, going off into bla-bla-land, not checking with our bodies what is correct for us, to see what is correct, but we are triggered by our minds desires of being grateful, of appearing grateful, and wanting our friends to appear grateful too, whether they are or not, of seeking the holiness within through a ritual nominated upon us, forced from outside. Tricked again by doing as the wonder solution to all perceived problems.

I call wookie-defense

Ow and our good friends Ren & Stimpy can not stay far behind

MoonBlog 35.3

Gate 35 of change, progress. By design, progress cannot exist in a vacuum and is dependent on interaction.

Gate 35 Line 3 collaboration. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Exalted: Benefic encouragement of others that expands personal as well as communal progress. The ability to bring progressive change into other’s lives.
Detriment: The need to be the center that ignores the importance of others. The need to be the center for progress.