MoonBlog 18.6 Buddhahood

We will never be completely free from the not-self, or from the mind that is trying to run our life, the mind that wants to know things.

But we can become watchers of the mind and our not-self behaving as if they run the life, which can take a bit of time.

We can learn to trust that there is another Authority at play, which is far less loud than that mind, but has far better ‘answers’.

And all we really have to do, is to allow that Inner Authority to speak up, and have it’s ‘voice’ heard and then, once we hear it, to follow through on what it says, and let go of any kind of control we think we have, and say yes to this, and no to that. Without any mental consideration: no morals, no social pressure. Pure and simple mechanics at play.

The awareness to watch is one thing, the mind immediately judging everything we see is quite another: this is good, this is bad, I do this wrong, s/he does that wrong, if only I did this, if only blablabla

Society is a construct, to homogenize, without intent, but a free person is a scary person. Even to ourselves 🙂 So we make up rules what behavior is correct and then we force these made up rules onto others, without even for one single second, wondering if they are correct, for myself, let alone someone else. We make stuff up to cover up our fears.

Not an joyful subject to contemplate and discuss 🙂 But here we are, to slowly, slowly, learn to let go of our minds ideals and distorted views, and experiment with the application of this Strategy of ours. While clearly looking at -all- our Centers conditioning, whether they are Open or Defined. Some say only the Open Centers get Conditioned, but as a Reflector I see many Defined Centers not operating at capacity either, as they are somewhat mangled, and limited, hidden. All this yummy power and agility, hidden and sometimes wilting away.

And not forgetting to play, to play hard even, to let it all go, and get horribly drunk, or love, and fight, to dance blisters on our feet, meditate in silence or in giggles, ride a motorbike real fast and get a ticket, to color and play, this life, with this life, in this life. To enjoy ourselves and buy something silly, or give someone a good prank , a scare, a tease…

And then again, to learn to see, where we are conditioned, and have that simple awareness play around in us for a while, as we re-see our interactions with others in a new light. Me personally, I can see this every single day, a little ‘shaving’ of my seeing, of my behaviour, here, and then some there. Perhaps next time I will answer truthfully when this person asks me this, or that, and I will allow the consequences come what may. And sometimes me and others are blown away, by my inherent living embodied truth, when I cheerfully say no to a yummy invitation/initiation, that is simply not correct at that particular time and place.

In my years of playing with this knowledge and the application, the experiment and not only studying but also reflect on all that studying, I get confirmation over and over again, Strategy first, Authority later, and maybe, if that is correct for you, once you get the hang of that application it might take you to different corners of the knowledge like PHS and Variables, and for some S&A is more than enough for a life time.

Some might not apply it for themselves so much but raise their children with it. Or someone else’s children, even if just uttering 3 words about it.

The mind is a wonderful ally, a magnificent source of information. But it is also always interrupting a process, speaking out of turn, and intervening out of fears, when it simply does not know, what is around the corner for you, and your life. And most of us don’t know either, until we actually get there. And it takes training, untraining the mind, to run our lives and get to see, over time, one decision by decision, that your Inner Authority knows better, and that we become more confident in using and applying it, that we gain more mental trust in not using that mind for every single little thing.

The mechanics of our Design is a marvelous thing, and really quite simple. But not easy at all, as there are about 100 (e)books about Human Design, and countless hours of lectures and videos, countless. Describing from many, many, many different angles, how to approach this Living Your Design.

Allow yourself some slack, some trust, to gain more of it over time. I hope you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere quick 🙂

And maybe/perhaps, read another book on Human Design, pick up any single one that speaks to you, to maybe get some inspiration on your journey. As we learn our minds to unlearn to worry about all kinds of stuff. And accept, that until you feel and experience that Authority, your mind is there nagging about it, for another while at least… 🙂

Watching the 2 new videos from Dharmen and Leela today on their website, and reading another chapter of ‘the Complete Guide’ eBook shows me over and over again, how simple it all really is, if I allow it to be. If I allow me to be.

Gate 18 of correction, work on what has been spoilt. The vigilance and determination to uphold and defend basic and fundamental human rights

Gate 18 Line 6 Buddhahood. The perfected form.

Exalted: The Buddha state of the eternal child and the energy to find new horizons to avoid stasis. The potential of the perfected form through correction.
Detriment: The mundane application of the above. The ability to tap public opinion and share methodology. The potential to share the values of the correction with others.