Fender Pawn Shop Offset Special

Fender PawnShop Offset Special 2 Tone Sunburst Thinline in perfect condition
Amazing sounding guitar, amplified and acoustic/unplugged, due to bridge and tremolo

Modifications: new bridge, topnut and proper set-up/tuning

Pawn Shop series: “Guitars that never were but should have been. With an adventurous spirit, these instruments are boldly creative, with a fascinating mix of diverse components”

Semi Hollow Alder Offset Body with belly cut and forearm contour, single f-hole
’60s “C” shape Maple neck with a very nice design/wood cut
25.5″ scale, 21 frets, Humbucking Jazzmaster Pickups (P90 style), GHS GBL 10-46 strings
Vintage Style “Floating” Tremolo Tailpiece and Tremolo Lock Button
Mastery Offset Bridge (M1-KIT), Staytrem conversion Thimbles en GraphTech BLACK TUSQ XL topnut

First owner (Dec 2013), comes with original Fender Deluxe Gig Bag (and box, can be shipped)
Serial Number: MX12000810, made in Mexico

Rarely used, no buckle rash
First pic is Fender, second pic is Mastery, rest is actual guitar

Can be played on Vox ValveTronix VT40+ in Den Haag (right next to Central Station)
Take note: original neck pickup 15kΩ, bridge pickup 30kΩ, therefore loud 🙂

Guitar new was €700, bridge was €200
Serious guitar for a serious bidder. (is now sold)