The Cult of Human Design

How do reflectors approach each other if we are supposed to be initiated?

You: Are we….?

Me: Yes we are.

You: Sorry not buying that nonsense. Life is what you make of it. It is a do it yourself job. Felt misarable a long time waiting for invitations until I felt live is my party. I can do whatever I want. This statement is taking every self empowerment out of my life. Can’t be good. Human design is inspirational not a bible.

Me: Yes but who is not buying it (but an argumentative mind)?
Are you experimenting with Strategy & Authority? Do you understand how that works? Would you like to?
We are not here to wait for invitations, we are here however -to be initiated-. But also, if you do anything for yourself, you don’t need to be initiated either. When someone else is involved, then we do.
Then we take a month, a Lunar Cycle to see if it (what we were initiated about) is for us.
Maybe time to read a good book about it like: Your Own Authority – A Beginners Guide to Human Design (eBook)
And/or book a Foundation Reading with a certified Analyst?
Human Design is a tool that you can apply, use, to find out your Inner Authority, so you can make your decisions correctly. About how your bio-mechanical machine operates.
Inspiration is only for the mind, where you can take the things your mind likes, adheres to or agrees with. Human Design teaches us that there is no choice. The experiment show that.
It is not about happy, it is about the duality of life, yin and yang, good and bad, and make your decisions regardless of those out circumstances. Not (even) because of them.

Me: “This statement is taking every self empowerment out of my life.” a good point
Because Human Design shows you, you don’t need any external empowerment, you are already whole and empowered from within. If anything external can take yours away, wonder if you had any to begin with.
And also, as an inquiry: who (or what) seeks empowerment, needs it, yearns for it, but our (ego)mind?
It’s a journey alright.

Me: I’ve heard/read people state that same type can approach same type, so projectors can approach other projectors without invitation and so on. Never experimented with it to see if it’s true.
For me it is not even the perception of initiation but, again, if my body moves somewhere. If it shows up at someones door.
So the question is not how, to me (because how is always mind, always trying to strategize, and manipulate, to change that which is or is not), but to notice when you do, when you are.
When it is without any form or kind of a mental agenda.
When I can perceive it is correct, noticing to be in the flow and not pushing the river. Basically when I notice that I have no choice.
Otherwise, you simply don’t (initiate), because who is wanting to do so anyways (but mind)?

You: Not true it is not always mind….you can follow gut feeling or hart. Very clear to feel the difference.

Me: Maybe you’re using different words to say the same.
HD helps us to see how to make decisions without the mind.
If you’re already doing that, there is no argument.
However as Reflectors our Guts and Hearts are all undefined, but maybe you have access to them via your PHS, too many variables to know.

You: Phs?

Me: Yeah sorry, my mistake, through PHS only access to the 3 Awareness centers (Spleen, Ajna, Solar Plexus), not the others.
But PHS is Color and Tone of our Design Sun/Earth about how we take in life, Digest it.

Me: Maybe HD is not for you, no fault to HD or to you.
Getting our chart does not make us instant Reflectors, it is a map not a certificate, deconditioning is hard work and takes many years. No one is pretending it isn’t.
So give yourself some credit for not getting it instantly. It is a radical re-orientation after all.
And also, what are we doing to understand it better, to learn and use it? I don’t think many people ever get there without some form of guidance or teaching.

You: […]. And it is not about spending another 22 $ on a book that will teach me on my inner autority when I am able to feel what is good for me and not.

You:  this is what a cult would say if you ask questions. That you are not ready and have to work harder…. funny thing is you call it deconditioning. I call it conditioning to a system pretending to set me free in living.

Me: HD teaches about correctness, not about chasing good and opportunities.
So to find out it is correct to end up in jail, or divorced, or… winning the lottery. It is about -both-. Duality.
HD is a framework, with very clear descriptions. You either experiment with them, or you don’t. Now one is forcing you. But HD is what HD is, to say it is something else is simply not true.
HD is honest in saying it is simple yet not easy.
If you want to use other means of decision making, you are totally free to do so. To even suggest it otherwise is ludicrous.
HD is however saying: Reflectors need to be initiated. It is saying you have an inner Authority, and we have no choice. Nothing cultish about it, or religious.
If I say: the bus comes at 10:00 sharp
and you are late, you tell me it is a cult if I say you should get up earlier? Funny…
And yes, conditioning, deconditioning, reconditioning, there is no escape in conditioning in one form or another. Some are for us, some are not, we’re here to see and notice that.
However HD is not pretending.
What helped me is seeing ok, if I don’t get it, what am I withholding from myself to get there, I am clearly interested in more, am I going to mope and be disappointed or am I going to be honest with myself and say I need help with it and maybe spend money, or even get help for free, or borrow a book, someone sending me a recording of something.
To realize the misunderstanding is with me, and therefor the solution is also, helped me move beyond my own self imposed limitations, and not blaming something outside of myself.

You: No nothing just is what it is. It is a theory and like every social theory of society it can be different to everyone. Nothing is what it is. Life is about question everything. It is just some guy who believes he figured out how things work. It is very scary if you can’t question that. That would make him a guru of a sect.

Me: Again no one says you can not question it, but HD says ‘it’ is like this. You can test and verify it, experiment with it.
You say: no it isn’t. What HD says is not true.
Great, good for you. Then why argue about it?
Besides he did not figure it out himself but says he had an experience, a kind of channeling.
Free Media Library: Encounter with the Voice

You: Yes all gurus say that they receive info from the Devine ? some people say the bible is the word of God some say it is not. I think not but there are important lessons in the bible. Same with HD. I don’t say it is not true I say every social theory is a subject object relation. People interpretate what they see. There is no such thing as channeling. Every theory is a human interpretation of the world. And we can and MUST discuss this.

Me: since when is HD a social theory?
When it is talking about body consciousness, and dark matter and dark energy. It is not about anything other than individual life, differentiated, and the machine in which we operate, live. Not about any social construct of behaviour, or even how to improve it.
But how to operate it, so it runs correct.
Besides it being incredibly a-social.
If it were a social theory, then yes, there is a choice, to implement or not. This way, or that way. Cause then it is a probability, a possibility even. A nice philosophy, something to contemplate.
HD says, it is a science about your bio-mechanics. And they are these, now see what happens if you use them as the mechanics describe. How would your life be then?

You: think we disagree on a fundamental level. A theory about people on this earth is a social theory. You believe the story about channeling and I do not. Yes he may got a vision but hen he interpretate this. That is how humans work. And I keep on debating this, the lesson is what parts I believe in and what not. Just like the bible is of great help to me because through interpratation of people writing about God I learn about myself and relation to God.

Me: this is not just about people or about Earth, the Human part was 1-2 days of his 8 days experience.
I don’t care about the theory, and I don’t even have a taste for discussing it. I don’t even disagree with you, since I don’t have an opinion about it, but experience.
I don’t have to believe HD or Ra and his funny story, I never even watched that video 😀
Besides believing or not is all mind. And ‘if it requires your belief, it is not true’…
I simply experimented with it and saw it worked and works,
10 years and 9 days every single day now, after being reluctant for about 1-2 years before that, and not getting it, I didn’t even know one could make a chart, so it was just some vague weirdo with a funny hat and some mumbo jumbo I did not get.
Until someone did make my chart that May 19th in 2008 and I dove straight in, cause now I had a handle to get into it. An angle to look at it.
That is my proof, and my experience, and what I share about, and teach.
My mind no longer runs my decision making, for a few years now, and -that- is something else. It is still there though, and it is fine where it is too.
But also: I could not, not do it, I could not, not go there, something beyond my bitching, wild, arrogant, loud mind as it was kicking and screaming, my family and friends were all opposed, but I went there anyway, and saw what it was, which was pretty damn cool.
Not easy, not nice, not happy, but real.
And that was what I had been looking for for a loooong time. Something real, something honest.
Something I could no longer ignore, like aaalll the other things that crossed my path.