MoonBlog 61.4 Research

the mind is finally convinced
yet the body does not move
so nothing changes

the mind wonders and sees
the body rests, or eats, breathes

trying to trick the body into movement
the body is not bored
the body is not bothered

not with politics
or hierarchies
until it is correct

to move
to budge
to strike
to kill
to pay
to love
to fuck
to marry
to sink or swim
to go to class
to travel
to do

until then/when
nothing changes

MoonBlog 61.4
Gate 61 of mystery, inner truth. The awareness of universal underlying principles
Gate 61 Line 4 Research
Exalted: The capacity of concentration to explore the depths of inner truth and maximize its application to fundamental principles. The pressure to know the fundamental principles.
Detriment: Where the tendency to expansion and integration leads to involving others in the research and may end in a diversity