MoonBlog 33.2 surrender

When your deeper cravings, wishes and desires, drive your actions, become your motives. To not be aware of these deeper wants, hunger, longing. Not sit with them but resolve them, trying to, filling countless round holes with square pegs (pun intended).

As opposed to be aware of them, honoring them, allowing them to be. To be a lone human on a barren planet, looking for love, looking, looking. Where your conditioned conditions meet the other’s conditioned conditions. Where you find, but not just quite, or seems not, is not, as we knee-jerk onwards. Uh and ah !

A great hunger and appetite for intimacy

Moon Blog 33.2

Gate 32 of privacy, retreat. Active withdrawal and the transformation of a weak position into a strength.
Gate 32, Line 2, surrender
Exalted: The recognition that surrender to superior forces can be an opportunity to expand one’s own strengths and eventually triumph. Embracing powerful forces in order to lay the foundation for future success.
Detriment: Unlike the reasoned and calculated surrender above, the deeper and personal surrender. The feeling that one’s original position was a delusion and the impressionability that makes might right. A public embrace of powerful forces, and a private resentment of their power.