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Weirdos in the mail:

weirdo: Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 15:14:16
From: “m.parlow”
Subject: Awakening HumanDesign 2022 (the Fool says Hello )
To: 32 hd people
Dear Human Design Associates World Wide,

Humans are awakening and they are looking for guidance, a guidance Human Design could provide them with, as it is the Purpose of design!

To start with:

In early 2021 i got invitations from 2 different persons towards Human Design, and the Time was right, i came fascinated and driven for more information.

2021 I also turned 40, met Venus and some other “Gods”, got initiated, experienced inner marriage, still walking my spirit quest that lead me here.

I wanted to write this mail already in December, and since It keeps coming up and I am tired of avoiding truth and confrontation, I decided to follow my inspiration!

Im a non emotional 3/6 projector, with defined and connected Head and Ajna, Splitdefinition, that has the perfect form – now. im very familiar with the terms and ideas of the IGing form my childhood on, I was into Asian philosophy with 15, platon, Aristoteles, Diogenes followed, im deeply into history and I have a pretty good historic overview.

Im an artist mostly, but into shamanism and religions, working with mentally and physically challenged people, into developmental psychology, communication theorys, doing graphic design.. in short .. I was always driven to learn and get into things, like my types design intend to.

Now the knowledge of my design helps me to go even deeper. But a lot of aspects told by design, I grasped first otherwise. That’s why I am so very fond of HD and after I was looking around the web in research, and I COULD NOT BELIVE IT.

Youtube vids of Ra with 40 – 100 likes .. or less .. I really could not believe it .. why was nobody interested in what I consider the most valuable information, I was searching for quite a while, (all my life) to understand the deeper mechanics within.

I had to go through several religions, mystic aspects of schaman and indigenous knowledge and Art, Maya, Celtic, Egypt, Nativ Americans, Celts, Stone Age, Keiyserling, Astrophysics.. u name it .. ..NOW the mechanics are all there in HD .. well almost .. or : if they where!

Luckyly I found a lot of the audio material on “Human Design by Ra Uru HU“ on youtube at first.. back in 2021

– 20++ hours of listening to audio material later .. my inner voice told me to rip it so I could listen to it in the future for sure!

– but I did not listen to myself and now all the material and the account is gone ..

– This gave me the final push to write this mail!

Because all that is left are this short vids 1-5min mostly, with a little snap of information .. which in my opinion, are no use in order to really understand things!

All the basics about the Lines Profiles, Strategy and Type, Auras and so on are gone or never where there.. , (

It is really not helpful, that all the information seems to be chopped and sliced, leading towards the impression that you just want people to pay for it !

It belongs to the children of this Planet !

Thats why I hereby request, that u give out and FREE all the recordings and teachings of RA URU HU !!!

I have to admit that it was a good strategy in the beginning to get people of wealth and influence on the boat first, to spread Human Design! Also it is awesome what u did in the first place, in getting it across the plane! Especially in that short amount of time !

BUT NOW, its Time to step Up!

I do not disapprove to costs at all levels, for material, further investigative work, readings, giving classes and so on, People have to make a living of course, but really All that Ra Uru Hu said should be available in the Word wide web !!!!!!!!!! Except if he said otherwise.. what I obviously could not know- and could not believe either.

What happened ?? Is it just a buissnes tool now ?? Intended to be a cashcow, for the wealth of some, or to manipulate Buissnes or Employes ??.

Thats why everybody should know their design in the first place, or not ? Humans Don’t get Manipulated with so easily!!

Did the Capitalistic Conglomerate really swallowed Human Design in terms of direction, idea, and purpose !


& I Think and Believe : It would not hurt u !!.. quite the opposite ! .. and it would provide people with useful informations when they cant afford it to pay the prices on your products. .. like me, and I am first word 3class !

..what about 2 and 3 world .. u think they can afford any of it ??



Still THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY to make.. with readings, seminars, books or what so ever but please I really beg u, make a youtube account and give the teachings of Hu to the world again !!

My current teacher in HD is over 70 years old, met Ra, did over 1000 readings as a analyst but he also turned at the association years ago (long before I even met him) because of their buissnesattempt vs knowledge spreading. He’s a 4/6 projector. He also sends his regards, interested about your reply. If there will be any.D

I am glad of course to have access to the written material he is sharing with me from the classes he was taking, cause I could never afford it at the moment.

We live in crazy times & I think if I knew HD early on, my life could have been quite different (Not that it matters now xD ) .. but in the life of others it will !!!

Well, if u came so far, Id also like to share, that I am desperate to know more, mostly about penta and wa, cause about that I could not find anything that helped me, understand this designs or anything at all & also on evolution and nutrition …and whats rave cosmology? .. sounds very interesting to me too ! if anyone of you could help me out with that I would be very happy ! )

I am looking forward to your response.

All the Best to all of you,


Vivasa Michael Parlow

Ps: I hope my english and grammar is not an obstacle.. I am Austrian after all.

Despite of, that half of the most important people in the organization are not even showing their design (why is that – afraid someone could mess with u ?? Strange idea in order of direction isn’t it ?D Nore are there many Projectors around it seems, maybe Youhow don’t show their design are ??… but I can understand why, like described earlier in matters of my Teacher, and since the tendency of seeing someone also reflects in the joy of connection and their intentions – or NOT!

Dear Sjef Romijn, Annick Kleine, Chrisine Spicer and Dharmen Swann-Herbert I included u into the mail cause u are reflectors and it seemed to be a good idea since u are the ones that should point out the value of things or so (met only one reflector yet, so I don’t really know,) but u are the observers, that’s how I understand it & so I would be happy if u can support my intentions 😀
I included the addresses of people I accidentally happen to know, that they have a important position in Human design, and some I just added by intuition, found 4 reflecors that way, without running through the whole database(to made to work as I always knew !D).. I could not include several addresses of Asian or Russian sites for example cause they did not provide me with an address .. feel free to discuss and share the mail .., I hope it was not to harsh, but I am trying to be real entirely.

In terms of showing myself, I include my design, id point out Gate 18 & just yesterday realized also Gate 32, in this times of Pluto conjunction, but I am a beginner after all xD ,P , )