It’s a Long Process to Awakening Intellectually

“Everything about being yourself is that if you don’t honor that definition, there’s no differentiation. So, there are a huge amount of humans who are simply just overwhelmed. And they’re walking around ignorant, ignorant in the deepest way. Let alone that half of them, it’s not even half, it’s one aspect, it’s all unconscious— lost souls; a planet full of lost souls. The first thing you do is you put their vehicle on the right path. And then you begin this laborious process of awakening them intellectually.

Think about your own processes, think about the depth of this knowledge because many of you, I know, have gone very deep and have been in this quite some time. There are still aspects within you, as you go through your process that are unsure about this or that. There are still conflicts daily with your mind trying to step in. There are still times where you forget that your mind has just told you what to do and you’re doing it. It is quite something to understand this impact. It’s so profound.

The only thing that it does for us is realign us over and over again to the basics of maintaining, not simply the formula, but really pursuing at the intellectual level deeper and deeper and deeper until you get to those places where each point is another point of surrender because that’s what it’s about. The passenger is almost insatiable. One never knows; you can feed the passenger the truth and it will go as far as it can go, and not always does the truth lead to awareness. Knowledge is not power. But it is certainly a way in which the being finally has a language to be able to identify the negative forces in their process.

The moment that you can understand those negative forces, you can smell them when they show up. You can smell them; they’re there, instantly. It’s what I love so much about the maya. It’s such an incredible thing. The moment that you describe it, you can access it. It’s sort of a cosmic four-dimensional or nine-dimensional Google. You write it in and there it is, full-blooded and whole. It’s incredible.” – Ra Uru Hu