As our minds are in constant panic, we cannot fill it with anything worthwhile, yet. We cannot change direction in our thinking from one day to the next.

First help your mind to let go of this panic state, to let go of needing to solve and resolve everything and anything, constantly, incessantly.

Help your mind become the witness of life, your life. Be gentle, be kind, to your ferocious mind.

Stop repeating everything you once thought to be true, stop affirming that which might not be true anymore. Stop from fixing yourself in certain vibrations of being by the words you utter and the thoughts your inner tape-player has on automated shuffle repeat.

Perhaps your way of doing so is contemplation, meditation, inquiry, dancing, love making, gardening. Something, anything, or nothing to help ease your mind, slowly, slowly.

Maybe read not one book on one subject from only one author all immersed and deeply focused, but read a chapter of this one, and then a chapter of that one. So you can open up your being to anything and all, to not condition yourself too much in this way or that way, this belief or experience or that one.

Open up to all of it, while letting go of anything, and perhaps everything. Slowly, slowly. Gently.

(Moon Blog Gate 15.3)