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Quattro Stagioni

Hm, I’ve been wanting to write a blog about (my) silence for a little while, and just see Richard also perceives the quietness in the field, and also somewhat in response to Rosy’s multiple writings.

For me, it seems that more and more, there is nothing (left) to say. And just enjoy being, and honoring whatever is or is not going on. Without (a need for) a response. And being so joyfully introspective, that it is difficult to share where I’m at right now, because I don’t even have a clue myself, and even that is wonderously fine too ! 🙂
(pff I start to feel I’m talking like Tanmayo…)
Where before I really felt -urges- to speak, now I find I thrive much much better in shutting up, and taking loooong pauses before responding.
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