TonePros Standard Locking Studs for PRS

TonePros locking studs provide 100% of the contact area of the bottom flange, 100% of the contact area of the stud top, no lean, and components that are completely locked solid to the guitar body. The SPRS2 Brass Locking Studs maintain the same locking and tonal features of the SS1 Style Brass Locking Studs, but add an attractive, larger stud cap that looks great with the AVT2 and similar style wraparound bridges.
Combining the Tonepro SPRS2-NKL (SAE 5/16 – 24 threads) and 2 mounting anchors for USA GIBSON® which are 13mm diameter that fits tightly in a 1/2″ hole, but because they’re 7/8″ (22mm) tall they stick out 2mm on a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Soapbar Model.