Jenny Swanepoel

Human Design. Not for Sissies…

A year ago, I considered myself – and my life – to be a dismally failed experiment. It’s really, really hard to get to the ripe old age of 72 and then to realize that your whole life has been a total waste of time! And it certainly didn’t make it any easier that no one else seemed to agree with me, cheerfully citing my successes and adventures.  Definitely, there was no lack of love or appreciation in my life and I was treasured and pampered by family and friends. But my deep sense of unworthiness didn’t stem from anyone else’s opinion. So stressful. So bitter!

That is how my excruciatingly exhausted/burned out 2/4 Projector Bitterness felt a year ago. Then on the 20th of April 2012 I had my foundational reading with Becky Markley  – and yes, she was marvelous and she expertly launched me into a whole new way of being. For the very first time in my whole life, someone really recognized the true me, and, maybe more important, I recognized the truth in her words.  And that was an unmitigated WOW!

My seven year deconditioning process had begun!
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