MoonBlog 39.1 Disengagement

So now, let’s take it another way

There is some mention of black marketeers (more and more actually), which unfortunately is -not- open for discussion.

I have several feelings about that, where some have manifested as thoughts which I will share here.

To me, a black marketeer is someone who does not give what you are supposed to get. So someone who skips a few steps and presents it as being the real deal. Since I cannot point fingers at individuals on this forum, I’ll just quote this:

“You can spend close to $10,000 (including the cost of travel to Spain) and three and half years to become trained in the Human Design System or you can simply accept my offer to enroll in my Six Month Human Design Certification and Mentoring Program at a fraction of the cost of the “other” training program.”

That, to me, is black marketeering, making promises that are not valid, and thus tricking you into spending money for well… nothing really. Only in it for the money, his or her way, not yours.

Then there are people who have activily been in Jovian Human Design, and left or were motivated to get out, or were being overlooked since, because they felt Human Design as a synthesis had more potential. One would say that some of the theory taught was too strict, another would think it could be even more precisly defined, and another would see more than one realm and thus different bodygraphs, and yet another would take the bodygraph as a basis but from there on would apply different tactics and teachings to it, or add more to the synthesis, to come to an even broader experience. Or even more or less center based, where type and profile supposedly restricit the view/experience of what goes on. And I have some feelings of my own too, and you probably do too.

A good question when looking at these differences is whether they are transferable to all people, or just a few.

Also, when someone has an epiphany, or channeling experience, notices devine intervention, interacts with spirits, does this mean that that person and all/everything that person brings forth is a 100% accurate and correct? Was the experience complete or is there even more to be had? Is the human manifistation of the person open and receptive enough to get it all? And should be percieved and interacted with as a messiah, guru or even devine entity, or at least first and final judge and excecutioner? However intrecate and deep the theory seems to go. Who can let any one person make any descicion, given the limited view, perspective, knowledge, etcetera of any one human.
Why not embrace the teaching itself for what it is for you, and not praise the channel so much, or abide by the persons whims.

Human Design is different for everyone, so they say. Then why can’t all variants, experiences, frameworks be embraced or at least accepted? Because the politics of it are correct for some and not for others? What has that got to do with anything regarding to the teachings which are now so-called Human Design (or anything else for that matter)?

And how come, if one has a channeling experience, by a force ‘out there’, that person can patent, copyright, and ‘own’ that which supposedly happened and what came out of it. Isn’t it something that is (uni)versally true, and therefor of and from anything/everything in that same (uni/bi/multi)verse?

Who -owns- Buddhism? Or the I-Ching? Let’s talk about Tao for instance. Or Anarchy, or Siddhi’s, or angels.

Ah, why not talk about God self then while we’re at it.

If there are greater forces at work than you and me (in the illusion of seperateness), then how come we should abide by the rulings of one group or even a single as human perceived entity?

There is talk of being one, where to me there is no ‘one’ thing, we -are-, we are -everything-, not -one- thing, we are -it-. We are the thing, not one thing, no we are all (of it).

There is nothing to own, except in an illusion…

And thus, how can we, as a whole…yadda