Monsanto isnt evil, society is, you are

Monsanto is just an availabilionist, an opportunist of -this- society, our society, of which we are all part of. Monsanto is just an archetype (a good one I might add) of the worst kind, of our worst imaginings, of our worst -possible- options witin the society that we all helped create and still create, as it is a non-stop process. By our passive society-ship, by our hunger for more and cheaper, and better, faster, cleaner, prettier, and more covenient. If you are over 30-35 years old and have ever shopped at a supermarket your are part of the reason it ( an archetype like Monsanto) even exists in the first place. Studies have shown (yes statistics and lies) that we are more rich than ever, comparing to how much we have monthly to spend, how much food costs, and the free time we have. The freedom and choices for nonsense are staggering.

And for those of you (deeply) into human design, posting and signing this petition no less, with all your lofty arguments, I say; have you gone completely mad? What happened to yin and yang? What happened to ‘no choice’, what happened to the need for differentiation, for all variants and forms being needed? Monsanto needs to exist so that u can be something else, so you can be you, as they need to be them. So u can be (technically) ‘good’, we have to have a balancing of evil, and they are it. You dont need to become you by being opposed to something like Monsanto, it does -not- define being you by opposing it, it does not make u more better by taking any sides. Which part of your inner authority opposes such a mental concept again…?

We make Monsanto into a individual in our minds and communications, we make it into this toxic fumes breathing monster so we can manage it in our mental opposition, imagining it with a head and a tail, so we can have our evil fire-spewing dragon of old, that needs slaying. The old wretched king, or any other evil archetype of whom we are all victims…


Companies like this have no real clear goal, except the one that sounds nice in marketing. Sure at it’s conception there were reasons for starting such a company with big grand ideas and reasonings, which basically translate best to; ‘ your money’ But there is no such active goal now, as it has become a headless monster, like so many well operating corporations and government bodies. The one true goal is money, no other idealism to be had, and so all the individual workers, from bottom to top, all work their little niches, usually without any clue or care about the bigger non-intended results of all these little headless, faceless operations. All the personell in such big long time/term operating employers have all been replaced several times over, common goals sold out at inner processes and meetings for more ‘efficiency’ (money), stifled by the need to work together to compete with other organisational entities just like theirs. An interesting mix of watered down concentrated efforts, to make money and more money and nothing else. Not to make evil, not to have their way in and with this world, but a product of the global society where we are citizens of, reluctantly or not.

And we all helped to create it, by having a society where it -can- exist in the first place. Where we vote both in our booths every 4 years, and every week in the stores and online. vote with our money. Alternative buy-in organisations (disguised as co-ops)at wholesale eco vendors being just as bad as the one sole customer buying the worst horrible foods at a supermarket, as the goals is but one, spend less money.

Money is not the problem, we are. The way we use it and manipulate our faiths is the issue, is the one being on the stand, is the one to petition against, if that is the best form to tackle such a thing. (y)our conscious non choosing to do ‘the right thing’ on a diligent daily basis is what is to be argued. Not the one providing for all those hungry needy conveniance seekers

or not, but then dont soothe your concious with such nonsense either. And stop messing up all your facetube walls with it, sleeping puppets.

Monsanto is not the problem. I am, and you are

MoonBlog 24.6

Gate 24 of rationalizing, returning.
The natural and spontaneous process of transformation and renewal.

Gate 24 Line 6 The gift horse. The possibility of being deaf when opportunity knocks.
Exalted: The conscious participation in a process that prepares one for easy identification of opportunity. Identification and focus with the rational thought process.
Detriment: Innate suspicion which leads inevitably to lost opportunities. Often irrational suspicion that distorts the focus and can lead to missed opportunities.