Rarely do we seek the real breakthrough out of our misery, our sufferings and hurts. Rarely do we seek the Guide that can help to actually find the door through. And come up with all kinds of excuses like: this Guide is too brutal, too honest, too direct, too expensive, it’s a man, it’s a woman, all kinds of excuses we come up with to not go there, to not find the actual solution.

As we want to find solace, we seek comfort, and understanding -in- our drama, not end the drama all together, that would be too scary. Too real. We want people to listen to our story and nod in understanding, while saying ‘there, there now’.

We seek people in the same situations, with experience of this particular drama, not end it. We seek people who can tell more about their drama, share stories of how it was for them, not seek people who left this drama all together and moved on.

We seek answers in stuff that has no bearing on the solution, we seek and ask questions that will not offer anything but confirm where we are at, here and now, and always have been, telling ourselves, over and over again: ‘it will be alright, it will pass’. While doing absolutely nothing to support that being alright and it going away any time soon.

‘Is this the reason for my troubles? Or is that, perhaps?’ you ask tentatively, subconsciously unaware that you seek answers for your issues outside of yourself, over and over again. Ignoring yourself completely as active part and support of the situation in the first place.

Everything you do has consequences, especially the questions you already know the answers to, and that will not help you anywhere anytime, if ever.

Seek the breakthrough out of your pattern behaviour, find a Guide who will not mince words or comforts you in your troubles, but comforts you out of them. Find someone who does not care about your troubles but about your solutions.

Gate 59 of Sexuality, dispersion.
The ability to break down barriers to achieve union

Gate 59 Line 5 The femme fatale or Casanova
Exalted: The power to use love to break down any barrier. Given the Sun’s ‘lightness’ there is no negative connotation inherent in this description. The power of sexuality to attract others.
Detriment: Uranus in detriment, where the negative potential of this power becomes evident. The Gigolo, the adventuress. The power of sexuality expressed as sexual power.