I find it hard sometimes not to join in the clucking and cackling of mind-farts, when clearly silence is key, for me.

Reading these mental insights and breakthroughs, that I write myself sometimes (oftentimes? 🙂 ) too, only adding to the mindfuck dreamstate we all keep ourselves in.

bla bla cluck cackle, bla

I distract, you distract, we distract, nous distractons, vous distractez, ils distractont

Moon Blog 37.3

37 Gate of Friendship, the Family

37.3 Evenhandedness; The success of any group is dependent on maintaining order.

Exalted: The ability to judge what behaviour is appropriate and to react in a balanced manner to transgressions. The possibility to have the sensitivity to know what behaviour is appropriate in a relationship.

Detriment: An ironic tendency to either test incessantly the borders of acceptability or to respond to the very same tendency in others with severity. The possible lack of sensitivity to what behaviour is appropriate.