October 2013

Moon Blog 56.4

Remember, you can only deem yourself worth-less if you compare, only if you compare to and with others. But realize you are the only one who has made the ratings to use to compare in the first place. This is a 3, this is a 5, on a self made up scale of 11.

So basically you’re only competing with yourself.

And even if you ‘objectively’ were indeed a 3 or a 5, there is probably not a whole lot you can do about it anyways either. Sometimes it is healthy to discern where you are at, but not to use it to compete with, not even with yourself.

Now, what would the comparison be like if you were alone on the planet? Who would you compare yourself to or with? The comparison is gone, and the whole notion of worth-less-ness is gone, evaporated *poof*

Now continue to live like that
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Moon Blog 52.4

The thing is, people want to bond with you in their ways, but you can’t let that happen. You can’t compromise for what they want. You have to bond in your way and yours alone. Otherwise you’d be following their ways to hell and back, living their lives and their bonds, that can not ever be correct for you. For who you actually are. If the bond happens on it’s own accord, great, if not, well…

It is about being effortlessly, about being you, without the friction. Without any agendas, without molding yourself into whatever shape or form for others.

Or even for yourself !
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Moon Blog 37.3

I find it hard sometimes not to join in the clucking and cackling of mind-farts, when clearly silence is key, for me.

Reading these mental insights and breakthroughs, that I write myself sometimes (oftentimes? 🙂 ) too, only adding to the mindfuck dreamstate we all keep ourselves in.

bla bla cluck cackle, bla

I distract, you distract, we distract, nous distractons, vous distractez, ils distractont
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