The thing is, people want to bond with you in their ways, but you can’t let that happen. You can’t compromise for what they want. You have to bond in your way and yours alone. Otherwise you’d be following their ways to hell and back, living their lives and their bonds, that can not ever be correct for you. For who you actually are. If the bond happens on it’s own accord, great, if not, well…

It is about being effortlessly, about being you, without the friction. Without any agendas, without molding yourself into whatever shape or form for others.

Or even for yourself !

Moon Blog 52.4 in Detriment

Gate 52 of Inaction, Keeping Still (Mountain)
Gate 52 Line 4: Self-Disicpline

Exalted: Perfected self-discipline and restraint that deals easily and wisely with impulsive temptations. The energy for restraint which recognizes the value of stillness and focus.

Detriment: Though responsive to the need of a principled control based on the understanding of conditions, there is a tendency due to its natural expansiveness, to doubt and restlessness. Restless energy and doubt in the face of restraint.