Human Design facebook groups, politics and knee-jerks

Do people come for support in their process of waking up and applying their Human Design, as it is after all, a Human Design group, or do they come for support for not being in any process and especially not Human Design, to continue sharing about our insecurities, our turmoil and troubles that mostly originate from the Not-Self or conditioning we do not tackle, at all?

I’m here to get and give support in waking up, to what it is to be me according to Human Design, as a Reflector. I don’t seek support for my Not-Self, au contraire, I want to be challenged on it.

Perhaps there could be a Human Design Not-Self Support Group made instead… but then, which self respecting(!) autoritive ego-mind would ever accept to be in such a group

Is it time for both HD chit-chat groups where one is not challenged only comforted in their not so selves where talking out of our minds and through our conditioning is heralded, and HD true experimenters groups where one is encouraged to be challenged and triggered to look deeper and deeper still, where one is innondated with both theory and practical examples, and then perhaps given names like LYD, ABC, Cartography, for people only that have at least done such a course?

I can see the desire for both, but it seems those chit-chatters are served more and more, as the weird desire to make these groups easy accessible for any kind of believing seeker is made important, just another mental decision somewhere, to use 7 centered tactics to attract the masses? And then forced to accept and allow peoples ‘spiritual beliefs’ to be catered for.

Or new groups formed and then populated by 200-300 people in just under a week just by sheer inviting all friends even remotely knowledgeable of HD.

Let all of them exist and find their place, but where and when are the true experimenters in all that noise?

Moon Blog 53.3

Gate 53 of beginnings, development.
Development as a structured progression that is both steadfast and enduring.

Gate 53 Line 3 Practicality
Exalted: In its most natural position, the concentration on avoiding conflict to ensure protection and continued development. The pressure to eliminate conflict in order to develop.
Detriment: The unconscious provoking of conflict that logically threatens security and development. Energy which provokes conflict and threatens development.

Human Design facebook groups, politics and knee-jerks