The Human Design System Testimonials

Jovian Archive is working on a new and exciting project for newcomers and long-time professionals alike, one that provides a service to all students of Human Design.

The collective has a tendency to resist the type of knowledge that Human Design represents; amid public skepticism, people are often unwilling to give such methods a chance. This is where you can help us.

Testimonials are key to highlighting the value of the Human Design System to newcomers across the globe.

Would you recommend the Human Design System?

Yes, I would highly recommend the Human Design System, if and when correct. I would recommend it if noticing the person being somewhat troubled and pre-occupied with the big questions of life and seeing them struggle from their minds eye. Not every one does this, and not everyone is interested in entering Human Design even if they do seem on a path of friction, struggles and frustrations. For some the information of HDS is just overwhelming and they can’t see the forest for the trees, and many people are having trouble explaining HDS correctly to what it is, and what it is not. After 6 years into the experiment and 2 years as a Guide I get a sense of someone whether they are truly interested, or not. And I would still recommend it always, but leave it completely open for them to dive into or not. I merely live my own life now of applying my Strategy & Authority, I have nothing to prove, not even to myself, and if they keep coming back I will share and exchange more, if they do not, or the conversation never goes there, then I won’t press the subject either. So yes, I would recommend the Human Design System always, but if it catches on, or whether it is correct for them there and then, becomes something to just observe.

Has following your Strategy & Authority affected or changed your life?

My life has been affected and changed hugely since knowing my Design and applying Strategy & Authority. I was introduced to HD in 2007, but I just did not get it, I did not see an angle for me in it, my friend shared with me that he thought it would be something for me, but he could not really explain why, and it seemed rather vague at first, online. I did not even know that one could make a chart ! About one year later his brother gave me an HD introduction and there I found out to be a 4/6 Reflector, now I had the angle to look at this system, and I dove right in, that very same day and have not left it since. The changes are mainly to not have to worry so much anymore, and even when I still do, to -know- it is just my fears playing out. Knowing truly and deeply that the fears are there for me to observe, but not needed in any way to make my own decisions. This has brought so much calmness in my head and my presence, in my whole being and living life. I have become much less reactive to things I do not like or am frightened of, while remaining to be as direct as always. But there is simply less opposition in my communication, and less seeking to prove anything, like being right, or wrong. There is a growing calmness in my body and enjoyment of living life as it is, instead of needing to fight things, and being tense and on alert all the time. Through not only mental understanding of my Design and the System as a whole, but also the growing experiential knowing of making correct decisions (even ‘wrong’ ones!) is such a huge relief. And I could only find out, by entering the experiment, no one could have told me what it would ever be like.

Is there something else you would like to share—an event, story or insight?

The Human Design System is a funny one, because you really do need to trust it ever so slightly to enter into the experiment. And the reward is more trust ! That is both the catch and the reward. You get to trust yourself more, and life, and everyone in it. Even if they are not correct for you. It takes a little bit of acceptance of the theory of what Human Design says, that there are 4 Types of people, and so on. Many people find it quite difficult to trust and accept anything, not just new things, but things they can not really experience at first, I know I did, and I sometimes still do. We struggle when being told something from someone we do not deem an authority, someone we do not yet trust. Human Design takes a little bit of a commitment to get into, and past all the noise of the many individuals with many different opinions on what HD is and is not. And then it also takes a bit of time, for the application of your S&A to see the results, both external as well as internal, where we are so geared in life to take things so incredibly literal, and ready to discuss, argue and even fight over concepts. When all that is required is for us to let go of what we think life is and how it should be, and find out, truly find out for ourselves, what life is like once we start making our decisions correctly, as ourselves, uniquely us. See also:

MoonBlog 32.1

Gate 32 of continuity, duration. The only thing that endures is change.

Gate 32 Line 1 Conservation
Exalted: A life sustaining respect and attention to all aspects of a process. The potential to develop the instinct through detailed attention to a process.
Detriment: The uncontrollable urge to bypass essentials which inevitably leads to the disruption of continuity. The fear of lack of potential, and the corresponding lack of attention.