May 2014

MoonBlog 63.2

The notion, as sometimes told/taught in Human Design, that your Gates on the Personality side are something you/your mind can identify with, and the description of the Design side Gates are something your family easier identify you with, is something else than presuming there are Types in either separated sides of our Human Design Bodygraph, and I am amused how this information can be shared here without any comment on it. But then it also took a Lunar Cycle to get back into this group.

Only in the quantum of the whole Design which includes both Personality and Design calculations do we arrive at Type, and it is only through this combination that the Aura has a specific functioning. Aura functioning…

And this Aura functioning is detectable. If you are lets say a Generator, I can detect you Sacral buzz. If you would be mistaken for a Projector in both Design and Personality individually but combined are a Generator, it is not true that you yourself will only detect you being a Projector and I will also detect you (only) as a Projector. That is using the information described above in our minds and running with it and making stuff up to seek meaning and purpose when there is none.
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MoonBlog 49.2

For years I have struggled with the notion, that Reflectors need or must have one or more confidants, sounding-boards, trusted allies to work through their Lunar Processing. This notion that the Reflector must share their issue with one or even several people over the course of a Lunar Cycle to hear their own processing and resolution as they share. Different with the neighbour, different 3 days later with a sibling, again different sharing on the same subject with your partner 10 days later, and so on.

It sounded then and still does like a fixed processing thing and I felt imprisoned by this need or must, to have to seek outsiders for my own processing. Whether that is due to not trusting so many people (ie a more psychological reason than mechanical) or because I simply wish (hehe I and wish, let’s call it my mind ok?) to be able to do stuff on my own, and find my own inner truth inside myself by myself (manifestor wannabee?)

But also, because for many, many years I was able so very often to find my own inner truth inside myself. And yes sometimes also through sharing it with others, both the issue as the process, but not always or all the time, actually, far less of the time then how this notion occurred to me.

Yesterday I was stunned to observe myself having this drive to talk to my then-girlfriend about something that I needed to make a decision on. I told her as well, that I just needed to share this information and process with her, and… listen to myself, while still being interested in her experience and observations as well, but mainly to share it, with her, with my confidant, my trusted ally, my beloved sounding board. And I was in the need for that, it felt like an important part of the processing to take place.

And I shared my topic, she shared her perspective. She let me ramble a bit and explain how I saw & experienced it so far, I asked her for her sense and opinion as I became more and more clear on what my answer is, as I gradually fell into the acceptance of what was correct, for me.
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MoonBlog 10.5

Nothing ever is similar. It is the minds desire for sameness and homogenization, to run away from the horrors of individuality (so it perceives this).

No Reflector is alike, no open Center has similar experiences. We can let go of these notions, and get on the path of uncovering ones uniqueness. Human Design is not yet another profiling tool where you are different on the surface but then can huddle and group together with ‘identical different people’.

That would be the mind wanting to believe this and aiming and even working towards such experiences. To hide away in the sameness of being (called) different, and have polite conversations over tea. That is not individuation and living out your design. That is just more mind tripping and seeking comfort for our fears as opposed to uncovering and learning more about our fears, knee-jerks, immoral desires and non-social traits.
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Moon Blog 32.2

Just because one uses the alphabet does not make one’s words poetry

Just because one uses Human Design information does not make one’s forecast hold any truth
But energy will go where it will flow, and one can be too ignorant to even be shamed
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MoonBlog 32.1

The Human Design System Testimonials

Jovian Archive is working on a new and exciting project for newcomers and long-time professionals alike, one that provides a service to all students of Human Design.

The collective has a tendency to resist the type of knowledge that Human Design represents; amid public skepticism, people are often unwilling to give such methods a chance. This is where you can help us.

Testimonials are key to highlighting the value of the Human Design System to newcomers across the globe.
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